The Lady from Baltimore

Writer: Elliott Arnold  Director: John Peyser Guest Stars: Mercedes McCambridge (Deborah Banning), Audrey Dalton (Melinda Banning), Hayden Rorke (Horace Banning), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing), Robert Adler (Coachman) Air Date: 14 January 1962 The Lady from Baltimore (or Joe falls in love…again) starts off with a comedic moment with Ben … Continue reading

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Blind Hunch

Teleplay: John Hawkins and Robert Pirosh  Story: Robert Pirosh  Director: Lewis Allen Guest Stars: Rip Torn (Will Hewitt), Don Knight (Clayton), Loretta Leversee (Laurie Hewitt), Charles Maxwell (Keeley), Robert Ridgely (Bartender), James Chandler (McKey), Larry Ward (Deputy) It’s 1869 and young Jamie is out riding.  He comes across Will Hewitt … Continue reading

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A Woman in the House

Writer: Joel Murcott  Director: Gerd Oswald Guest Stars: Diane Baker (Mary Wharton), Paul Richards (Russ Wharton), Dennis Cross (Monk), Raymond Guth (Goliath), Robert Brubaker (Lassiter), Victor Sen Yung (Hop Sing) Air Date: 19 February 1967 It’s roundup time and the Cartwrights are hiring.  This time, the would-be cattle hands are … Continue reading

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The Rival

Writer: Anthony Lawrence  Director: Robert Altman Guest Stars: Peggy Ann Garner (Cameo Johnson), Charles Aidman (Jim Applegate), Robert McQueeney (Gideon), Joe De Santis (Morehouse), Ray Teal (Roy Coffee), Orville Sherman (Jess Morehouse), Charlene Brooks (Peggy Morehouse), Bill Clark (Clem) Air Date: 15 April 1961 For the first since The Newcomers … Continue reading

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The Dublin Lad

Writer: Mort Thaw  Director: William F. Claxton Guest Stars: Liam Sullivan (Terrence O’Toole), Margaret Mahoney (Molly), Tim McIntire (Jeb), Ray Teal (Roy Coffee), Paul Birch (Porter), Paul Genge (Judge), Bern Hoffman (Bartender), Robert Carson (Jury Foreman) Air Date: 2 January 1966 Jury duty again for a Cartwright and this time … Continue reading

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