That’s What We Do Best (by jfclover)

Summary:  A WHI for Season 10’s Emily. There are men who are easily broken and destroyed. Some men are too weak to come out ahead of the game. Is my young brother one of them? Can he finish the dance and survive with his head held high?

Rated K ~ WC 11,800

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Promises to Keep (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright was an intelligent man. If a situation arose, he was generally able to pinpoint the source of the problem and come up with a sensible resolution. He’d built the Ponderosa on guts and determination alone. He’d raised three fine sons, and he wanted the best for each of them but under trying circumstances, would he choose to ignore the wishes of others and act alone? Could a concerned father’s decisions alienate one of his own?

Rated:  M  WC 49,800

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Wings of Eagles (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben’s youngest son and five other children are taken during a school outing in May of ’56.  Little Joe is thirteen years old and discovers a new and different way of life.  Can he accept the changes and survive the ordeal without his Pa and his brothers by his side?  

Rated:  MA  (47,000 words)

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