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Cartwrights Forever (By JC)

Summary: A tribute in rhyme for everyone who loves the Cartwrights, especially those who love to write about them.

Rating:  G  (560 words)

From Camp in the Pines 2017


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Pride Before A Fall (by JC)

Synopsis:   A poem about what can happen when a man’s pride gets in the way of love.  If the subject is a Cartwright, it’s bound to be Adam.

Rating: T  Word Count: 400


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Prelude (By JC)

Synopsis: Adam Cartwright is taking the long road home, but sometimes life takes a man in a direction he never intended to go.

Rating: T    1683 Words


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Stranger in the Night (by JC)

Summary: A Bonanza Gothic poem written for the 2017 “Once Upon A Midnight Dreary” challenge honoring the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe.

Rating K+     Word Count 251


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A Day in the Life – A Bonanza of a Tale (by JC)

Synopsis:  It’s 1860-something, a typical day for the Cartwright brothers, on the trail of a confidence man who suckered them during their Pa’s absence. Bonanza aficionados will find 105 episode titles embedded in the story. 

Rating:  T  (2,550 words)


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Imperfect Memory (by JC)

Truth was, Marie never cared much about what people thought of her, at least not those she knew she couldn’t win, and she had an eye for knowing.  (from Imperfect Memory)

Synopsis:  A conversation overheard at a party evokes Adam’s memories of Marie and his own first love.

Rating: PG-13 for adult situations, mild language  (45,657 words)


Author’s note – This novella was first posted in the Bonanza World library where it received the Great Romance award in a 2007 reader’s poll. It includes a non-canon Cartwright born during the flashback portion of this story.


Ties that Bind Series

Imperfect Memory
A Pearl Without Price
A Piece of Cake

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The Guardian — What the Heart Knows (by JC)

He did not feel the sun retreat as the water closed above him, nor did he feel his lungs expire. (from The Guardian — What the Heart Knows)

Synopsis: A fateful encounter at the river leads to a revelation for Adam Cartwright.

Rating:  T  (3,471 words)

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Night Trilogy (by JC)

Summary:   Strange things are afoot on the Ponderosa in these three after-dark comic vignettes featuring your favorite brothers.

Rating: K  (1,040 words)


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Shirtless Joe (by JC)

Synopsis: One man’s “Field of Dreams” is another woman’s fantasy.  (With deference to David Dortort and W.P. Kinsella)

Rating PG  (1,010 words)


Author’s Note – I’m mostly an Adam fan, but this was just too much fun not to write.

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