Prisoner (by pjb)

Summary:  When Little Joe is released from prison after serving two years for a crime he didn’t commit, he must fight to rebuild his life as the Cartwrights struggle to protect the bonds that hold the family close. 

WARNING:  Contains references to violence and sexual assault.  

Rated:  MA  WC 37,000

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French Piano Player – #4 – The Love of his Life (by pjb)

Summary:  In the conclusion to “The French Piano Player” series, the Cartwrights face their greatest challenge as they learn what a man’s heart can bear, and what it means to love–and to let go.  The previous stories in this series are “The French Piano Player,” “Be Still, My Soul,” and “Doubt”.  Rated: T  37,400

The French Piano Player Series:

The French Piano Player
Be Still My Soul
The Love of His Life

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