A Gift (by BettyHT)

Summary: How do the three Cartwright sons react to the plight of a young woman who needs a Man of Steel?  The issue arises when Joe brings home the ad from The Soiled Dove Society.

This is a sexually explicit story.  If that offends you in any way, do not continue to the story.

rating = MA  word count = 2130

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Turn, Turn, Turn (by BettyHT)

Adam had a fall at work, but things got worse until he had to give up his job and move back to the Ponderosa.  There he tells his family the news.  No one wants to accept it, and they keep trying to find a better answer.  A French doctor offers hope, but Adam is reluctant to accept that things will go his way.

Rating T  Word count 16,377

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Oh, Ducky! (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Because of a misunderstanding, Ben offers Adam as an escort for Clementine Hawkins’ niece for a week starting on a Sunday. Things quickly get difficult for Adam until there’s a problem with potential lifetime consequences. Remorseful, Ben steps in to help his son out of that one, and then helps Adam get some revenge on his brothers too. It’s all in good fun, or mostly it is.

rating = T  word count = 4146

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Ben’s Burden of Guilt (by BettyHT)

Summary:  After hearing Hoss’ reaction to an Easter sermon, Ben is consumed by thoughts of responsibility for past tragedies. It is when his sons finally return home from a trail drive that they are able to ease his burden and help him to let go of the weight of that guilt and find the source of their father’s current turmoil.

Rating = T  WC = 5116

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A Hard Place (by Betty HT)

Summary:  After a cattle drive, Adam gets sick, and when Ben starts getting some of the same symptoms, Joe finds that he has to be the one making the decisions on the journey home. It’s a tough job especially because the outlaws trailing them think they have the money from the cattle drive with them.  Joe has to come up with a plan or two to get them out of all these problems and save their lives.

Rating = T   WC = 12,477

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Messages (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Prequel stories set in the time shortly after the family has lost Marie and in the pre-Christmas season.  Little Joe is sad and there are a couple of ways that Adam finds to bring him out of that sorrow.  One his father isn’t entirely pleased to see but the other is amazing.

Rating:  K+  (1,620 words)

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