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Sense of Smell can be so Evocative (by mumu74)

Summary:  This story was written for the Challenge “Lorne Greene’s birthday”. It’s not a poem, it’s not a 102 words text, it’s a 2915 words short story about Ben during one very special moment of his life. I wrote this text in french, the translation was not an easy one because I wanted to keep the special atmosphere of that romance. I was helped by my English friend, who reread and corrected the text. Now you’ll be able to discover it ; I’m glad to share it with you.

Have you ever experimented that sensation that one special smell could bring so many memories ?

Rating:  K+ (2,915 words)


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One-Way-Ticket for the Pleasure (by mumu74)


Summary:  I hope, you’ll have so much pleasure reading it as I had, writing it… The handsome Adam Cartwright will be in the middle of an amazing adventure. R-Rated, because that story was written for the R-Forum writing challenge.

Rating:  MA  (2,250 words)


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A Duel with Guitars (by Mumu)

Summary:  This is one short story, initially written in french for a challenge. The first  translation wasn’t good, I decided to rework it, with the help of one beta-reader. I’m very glad to share this with you…

Special note: go on You Tube, and listen to music while reading, this is how I wrote the story and that will create a special atmosphere for your reading. I wish you to enjoy it.

Rating:  G WC 3730


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Looking Back Over the Years, He was Always There for Me (by mumu74)

Written for the 2016 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament

Summary:  There comes a time when a man looks into the mirror of his own life.  What does he find? Memories of hard times, memories of his childhood, little moments full of fun and mischievous.  And as a man there are challenges which had to be faced with courage.

Warning:  character death     Rating: T+     Word count : 5633

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Don’t Give Up (by Mumu74)

Summary:  This is my contribution, with the words I received, including the Petticoats. Enjoy. It’s short, this is what I managed to do. I have plenty of ideas and possible scenarios, and I had major troubles putting it together.

Rating:  K  (805 words)


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Grief is Hard Work (by mumu74)

The words I had were : soldier, tinker, explosion, cottage, wildfire

It happens after the family had been deeply touched by pain and sorrow. What can adults do and say to help children to cope with ?

Word Count:  5691

Rated:  K+


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I , Adam Cartwright, 34 years old….. (by mumu74)


What if Adam had married Laura? What kind of life would they have had? Gunfights, injuries, problems with Peggy, Laura’s pregnancy, and a bizarre encounter with a visiting relative make Adam’s life anything but boring!

please read and review  Rated: MA  WC 57,000


Candle in the Wind (by mumu74)


Joe tells about his adventures.. He wants to prove to his father that he is a man and that he can be responsible…. Saving someone and being a hero will be enough ?   Rated: K+  WC 10,200