Sense of Smell can be so Evocative (by mumu74)

Summary:  This story was written for the Challenge “Lorne Greene’s birthday”. It’s not a poem, it’s not a 102 words text, it’s a 2915 words short story about Ben during one very special moment of his life. I wrote this text in french, the translation was not an easy one because I wanted to keep Read More …

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Water, Fire, You May Say They’re Incompatible (by Mumu74)

Summary:  Life is full with adventures. A lot of good things and bad things may happen. Life is like a river, not Sea of Tranquility. People plan things and hope, they will get that and that but they always find that there is twisting and turning. Sometimes people seem even to have forgotten that the hazards of the life can  at times cause accidents in spite of all the precautions that one can take. Life is full of chance and luck, for good or ill. Everything depends on what people decide to do with so-called coincidences.  Because accidents may provide ideas and opportunities of benefit to people who are enough sharp-sighted to see them.

Rating:  K+   Word Count:  13,084

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One-Way-Ticket for the Pleasure (by mumu74)

Summary:  I hope, you’ll have so much pleasure reading it as I had, writing it… The handsome Adam Cartwright will be in the middle of an amazing adventure. R-Rated, because that story was written for the R-Forum writing challenge. Rating:  MA  (2,250 words) Read More -> 72 total views, 10 views today

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Looking Back Over the Years, He was Always There for Me (by mumu74)

Written for the 2016 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament Summary:  There comes a time when a man looks into the mirror of his own life.  What does he find? Memories of hard times, memories of his childhood, little moments full of fun and mischievous.  And as a man there are challenges which had to be faced Read More …

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Don’t Give Up (by Mumu74)

Summary:  This is my contribution, with the words I received, including the Petticoats. Enjoy. It’s short, this is what I managed to do. I have plenty of ideas and possible scenarios, and I had major troubles putting it together. Rating:  K  (805 words) Read More -> 98 total views, no views today

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