Howl of the Wolf (by southplains)

 Summary:  This R-rated story is an expansion on a short scene described in my story ‘Glory,’ a WHN for ‘My Brother’s Keeper.’ Written in response to the ‘Dirty Words’ Literary Challenge in the R-forum for the 2016 Bonanza Brand 10th Anniversary.

WARNING: This story contains very strong sexual content and language which might be offensive to some readers.

Rating:  R  (2,965 words)

Glory Series:

Howl of the Wolf

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Fight Club (by southplains)

Summary:  “If I’ve told Joe once, I’ve told him a thousand times to keep those elbows in!”  We’ve all heard Adam utter those words while Joe is getting himself thoroughly beaten by Jean Millain in the “Julia Bulette” episode.  This is the story behind that line.

Rated: K+  WC 4200

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A Family Affair (by southplains)

Summary:  What happens when a Cartwright loves a girl who, in turn, favors his brother?  In Season 3’s ‘The Lady From Baltimore,’ Joe fell for Melinda Banning; Melinda had her eye on Adam.  Things were brought to a head when Joe found Melinda and Adam together in a rather compromising tableau.  To head off the unavoidable clash between the two brothers, Ben quickly found some other place for Adam to be while the Bannings were still around.  But what about when Adam came home after the episode’s ending?  This story, narrated by Hop Sing, tells us how Joe and Adam came to terms with the events of that episode.  Also contains references to a character from the episode ‘The Hopefuls.’

Rated: T  WC 9300

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Devotion (by southplains)

Summary: Did Amy Bishop know of Joe’s love affair with Julia Bulette? If she did, what did she think of it? How did she come to terms with it once she herself was in a relationship with him?  Written in response to the ‘Missing Scenes’ challenge here on BB, and inspired by a question posed on another site.

Rated: K+ WC 7900

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Aim True (by southplains)

Summary:  A man doesn’t always hit what he’s aiming for—even when he’s a Cartwright. Sometimes all he can do is hold his breath, squeeze the trigger, and just do the best he can.

Key words: SJS, SAS, jail, posse, running from the law, trail, shot, hurt, Joe gets hurt, Adam gets hurt, Adam is arrested

Rated: T  WC 22,600

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