Hunting for Memories (by MissJudy)

Summary: Ben is enjoying a hunting trip with Adam when it takes an unexpected turn and forces a detour to the cabin in the woods where the Cartwrights first lived and trapped on the Ponderosa. Adam has not been there since he was a child, and Ben is filled with trepidation over how his son might remember those days. All seems well, even though a few of Ben’s memories leave him wondering what his son is thinking. Then a vivid dream about a incident from Adam’s childhood leaves him thoroughly shaken, and he finally finds out just what Adam thought of his early years on the Ponderosa. This story occurs a year after Adam got back from school in Boston.

Rating: K  Word Count: 20,876

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One Step Closer #6 – Changes in Fate (by MissJudy)

Summary: Ben, Hoss and Little Joe head to Boston to be with Adam after receiving the devastating news that the entire Wadsworth family had perished at sea.  The Wadsworths had adopted Adam into their family when he’d been a student, and they’d renewed their support and friendship when he’d returned to marry Melinda and start a family twelve years later. Ben and the two brother find Adam coping, but staggering under the weight of his pain. Adding to his loss, Adam may lose his command over Wadsworth Engineering–the firm he’d helped make into a thriving business–when Frank Wadsworth’s will names an heir. Will this accumulation of loss be the final straw for Adam? Can the love and support of his family: his father and brothers from the West, and his grandfather, wife and children in the East, sustain him as he faces the absence of even more people he’d loved?

Rating: PG  (52,135 words)

One Step Closer Series:

For Love’s Sake Only
Til Death Do Us Part
Two Hearts Broken
In Search of Safety
From Two to Three
Changes in Fate

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A Still Small Voice (MissJudy)

Summary:   Adam has been away at school for two years when he starts having vivid dreams about his youngest brother. He wonders why his memories center around Little Joe even while he misses his entire family. What he is about to find out will shake his certainty about many things and make him look for a clue hidden in his dreams.

Rating: K (Word Count 22490)

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In the Child’s Best Interest (by MissJudy)

Summary:  In this early prequel, Ben Cartwright and 4-year-old Adam stop in Cleveland where pay was good at the docks. Ben hopes to earn enough to start the final leg of their journey to Missouri, and a wagon train west. But a couple at their boarding house have plans for Adam that don’t include Ben. The story ends 26 years later as Ben helps Adam recall the ordeal and the outcome.

Rating:  K (27,135 words)

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He’s My Father Too (by MissJudy)

Summary:  Farmer Perkins and Sam Bryant are dead and Ben is safe, yet his sons are at odds. Little Joe and Adam’s argument tears them apart, and Hoss realizes that while his father survived, the bond between his other brothers died at dawn. Ben wants to solve things but must step back to let his sons find their way back to each other.

Rating  K  (20,920 words)

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Say Something – Lessons of the Heart (by MissJudy)

Summary: This is a grouping of short stories that show Adam in situations where he is left speechless when it comes to matters of the heart. It begins with a story of youthful naivete, and each progressions shows another episode where he learns something new about love. loss, mistakes and finding a the right person.

Rating: T (One section has an adult theme)   Word Count: 22,056

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One of a Kind (by MissJudy)

Summary: This “what happens later” story for Thanks for Everything, Friend, picks up after Tom Wilson has been dead for several months and a woman comes to Virginia City with one goal in mind: to kill Adam Cartwright for his role in Tom’s death. She holds Adam at gunpoint as she presses her case against him, and he tries to help her see the truth before she pulls the trigger.

Rating: K   Word Count: 9492

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A Tale of Four Brothers (by MissJudy)

Summary: Adam and Hoss seem to have vanished while on their way to Placerville for ranch business, leaving Ben and Joe to search for what might have happened. What they can’t imagine is that the lost Cartwrights were left for dead by two brothers who had once worked on the Ponderosa. Hoss and Adam’s lives depend on being rescued quickly, but their situation stacks the odd against that happening, forcing Adam to make a decision that may leave the family short one son.

Rating: K+  Word Count: 23,425

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It’s Only a Year – He Said What? – Lessons in Understanding #1 (by MissJudy)

Summary: This first story of a series called It’s Just a Year didn’t come through from the old library. This episode tells of how Adam received and education that allowed him to enter a prestigious Eastern university while living in the wilds of the west where there wasn’t a school or people with a formal college education. Adam has studied hard with a Harvard professor he found on the Ponderosa and is ready to leave for Boston when Ben asks him to remain home another year. Marie’s death has left him reeling and in need of his son’s help while he finds men to work the growing ranch.

Rating: K   Word Count: 10,321

It’s Only a Year Series:

It’s Only a Year – He Said What? – Lessons in Understanding
It’s Only a Year – The Caster Oil Caper – Lessons in Humility
It’s Only a Year – The Worst of Consequences – A Lesson in Choice
It’s Only a Year –  The Quiet of Uncertainty – A Lesson in Hope
It’s Only a Year – The Final Trial – A Lesson in Mettle

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