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Don’t Forget the Stars (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Genre should say angst too. A what if off “Look to the Stars”.

Share I do NOT own Bonanza nor any of the original Cartwright characters… nor do I own Albert Michaelson or his father, Sam. A ‘What if’ I got off “Look to the Stars”…of course, this ‘what if’ changes the whole storyline. However, in this story, Mr. Michaelson is a widower. Actually, ‘the what if’ I got came straight from Mr. Michaelson’s mouth.

*The first bit of this comes straight from the episode ‘Look to the Stars’, with the exception that there is, as I just said, no Mrs. Michaelson and I’ve taken one tiny comment Mr. Michaelson makes out of it. The part that is NOT my creation, I will put in italics. Later on, as usual, any personal thoughts will also be in italics.

*I changed Mr. Nolan a bit too.

A/N IF there is an appearance by a sheriff in this episode, I have not caught it for some reason. That being the case, Roy Coffee gets the job.

 Rating:  K+  (10,801 words)


Band of Brothers (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Adam and Hoss travel to Stockton and find themselves joining forces with Jarrod and Heath to help Nick-who was adversely affected by the Civil War.

Rated: T (22,900 words)


A/N This is a Big Valley/Bonanza crossover. In this story Jarrod Barkley is 32, Nick is 28 and Heath is 24. Adam Cartwright is 44 and Hoss is 38. The year is 1876. If I have any of the ages off, so be it. I never could keep the ages, timelines etc. straight on these two shows anyway. And, quite frankly, it’s obvious the original writers couldn’t either. Heath is supposed to have joined the family in 1874, two years after Tom was killed, and Jarrod was the one who had a problem accepting him.

Living in Darkness (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Two years after being blinded in an accident, Little Joe returns home from the blind school. What next? Another note is included in the first chapter.

Rated T (9,800 words)


A/N I know Little Joe was blinded in “A Stillness Within”; however, as you will see, I have only borrowed the blindness, along with Miss Dobbs, and had him go blind from another accident in another episode…Marie, My Love. The * I have put in this chapter is the fact that was not, or course, in that episode. I have just added it.

A/N I have a huge problem calling a grown man ‘little’, so it’s simply Joe or Joseph in this story.

Living in Darkness Series:

Living in Darkness
Into the Light

Justice for Abigail (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  A companion story to You Can Always Check In by BettyHT.

Rating:  T  (17,700 words)



I have received permission from BettyHT to take her one shot “You can Always Check In” and write a longer story. Originally I planned to simply take it and expound on it, keeping the same beginning and same ending. However, the muse had different ideas. So, her story is back drop to this story while “Justice For Abigail” is a continuation of her one shot. Anyone who hasn’t read it, I highly suggest you do…it’s located on, as it might as well be a prologue to this one. Since the name of the town is never mentioned, I have taken the liberty of making up a name. The same goes for any characters that I mention, or use, from her story (Ex. The owner; the clerk etc) If any town exists today with the same name as I’ve given the town, it is pure coincidence. Also, I might as well say it … there MIGHT be a major character death. I’m not really sure since I think there’s a good chance the only reason for the feeling of death is…of course…the ghost BettyHT has let me use.

I also want to publicly thank BettyHT for allowing me to do this.

Cassie (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Adam and Hoss rescue a young girl named Cassie from the river after a flash flood hits the wagon she’s traveling in. What happens next?

Rated: K+ (11,950 words)


A/N My apologies to the original creator of Cassie (the girl in the river). When she asked me to write Cassie’s story, I tried more than once to work from the two chapters she’d written and NOTHING would come for me. I finally had to simply start the story from an angle that it would come for me. I hope this version of Cassie’s story will suffice.

Abigail, My Love (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Hoss, his pa and brothers sit by the bedside of Hoss’ wife, Abigail, praying she recovers from a bank robber’s bullet. As they wait, they reminisce. Should say Hurt/Comfort too.

Rating:  T  (15,800 words)


I do NOT own Bonanza or any of the original Cartwright characters.

*This story came about because of a few things. One…the ‘what if’ Marie had a daughter from her first marriage instead of a son; two, the realization that the ONLY Cartwright that would be related by blood to her would be Little Joe, and three…various marriages that exist/or have existed on my husband’s side of the family (And, if I looked more into it, I’m sure I’d find a few on my side too). With that in mind, if you have a problem with the concept of Little Joe’s half sister showing up and falling in love with one of the other Cartwrights , there’s a simple solution…DON’T read it.

*I forgot to say I took a bit of liberty with Marie’s child from her first marriage, that is, I have her never being allowed to see the child. Also, I’ve decided to put the memories in italics and “current day” conversation in regular formation.

*”Soldier Rest, the Fight Is Over” (circa 1820s)
Mrs. Burke’s celebrated Pollacca.
Composed and Dedicated to her, (his Pupil) by A[rthur]. Clifton.
[aka Philip Anthony Corri, 1784-1832]
(The Words by Lieut. Hall of the U.S. Army).


Star’s Hope (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  I should say Jamie is introduce later on in the story, not right away.

*I’m sorry, I forgot to say the show bounced around quite a lot when it came to the years the episodes were supposed to be in-I even recently saw one where a southern officer surrounded his rag tag troop over to the north side. That being the case, this story is set after the Civil War.

I do not own Bonanza or any of the original Cartwright characters.

Rating T  (16,350 words)


A Place to Belong Series:

A Place to Belong
Star’s Hope

His Wild Irish Rose (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Adam is shot and left for dead.

Rated: K+ (16,625 words)


A/N I put a sheriff other than Roy Coffee in here only because of how old he would have to be in the story. Also, I am fully aware Candy and Adam were not on the show at the same time, only I need him in here.

His Choice (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Adam finds himself having to choose between his family and a woman he falls in love with. There’s only one problem…he’s in a coma, and she’s in the twentieth century. (Guess that makes this Sci-Fi).

Rated: T (18,088 words)

I got this idea after watching Hoss attack Adam on the episdoe “She Walks in Beauty”. The words in italics are straight from that episode.


For the Love of a Brother (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Ben is shocked when he returns home to find two of his sons fighting for their lives. All three sons really should be in the character choice spot. I stink at summaries. Please read anyway. WARNING; MAJOR character death.

Rating T (10, 960 words)

I do not own Bonanza or any of the original Cartwright characters.

*I am inserting this note as of March 11, 2012…This story is labeled Adam and Hoss NOT because they make the most appearance but it is centered on what happened to bring their situation about. Because it’s told from Little Joe’s POV, he appears the most-that does not change my mind about what the story is all about though.


One Long Night (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Short shots involving Ben and Joan’s daughter, Faith, with various members of the family. Title may very well change.

Rated K (5,000 words)

*I refer to Little Joe as simply Joe in this story. Little Joe sounds like a young boy’s name to me, and in my story, he’s a full grown man.


Forget Me Not Series:

Forget Me Not
One Long Night