There Is A Season (by JC)

Summary: A man’s life and the things that matter most are revealed in a series of Christmas Eve vignettes. (Mind you, this is not a Bonanza story.  It is a piece of original fiction featuring a character born many years ago in a Bonanza World journal—an actor named Jack Richards, not-so-loosely based on Pernell Roberts. If that intrigues you, or if you’re just in the mood for an easy read in keeping with the season, you may enjoy this. I hope so.)

Rating: T    (11,074 words)

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Matter of the Heart (by MonicaSJ)

Summary:   A Trapper John MD story – Modernizing the way Trapper does things turns out to be a real chore for the woman who’s installing the new computer system at the hospital. Trapper finds she has a turbulent past, emotionally and physically, and digs in to find what makes her tick.  

Rated: T (161,6570 words)

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