When They Were Young (By Adams_lover)

Summary:  This story is a modern day story with Adam as the featured character.  It is a prequel to “Weekend Dad.”

PG-13:  Very mild language and implied sexual situations  (113,407 words)

Thank you, Sherriboo, for your pre-read and comments which gave inspiration within some of the chapters.  Your feedback was invaluable!

Weekend Dad Series:

Weekend Dad
Seasons of Change
When They were Young – a prequel to Weekend Dad

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A Modern Cartwrights Story #4 – Remnants of the Past (by Robin & GinnyF)

Summary:  Most of the action in this tale takes place in the spring and summer of 2000. We have included elements and characters who appeared in a few Bonanza episodes including “The Truckee Strip”, “Rich Man Poor Man”, “The Infernal Machine”, “The Countess”, “First Born”, “Denver McKee” and “The Abduction” as well as characters and plot lines we created for our other modern Cartwright tales.

Rating:  PG  (33,150 words)

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