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Welcome to the Bonanza Brand Library

April 1, 2014 | Comments Off on Welcome to the Bonanza Brand Library

The Bonanza Brand Library includes stories that have been assigned a Mature (MA) or R-Rating by their respective  authors.   These stories may contain explicit language, violence, and/or adult themes; and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.  Please head our rating guidelines.

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Bonanza Brand encourages all readers to consider registering for membership in the Library; however, membership is not required.  In order to leave a comment/review for a story, readers will need to fill in a few blanks before posting a comment — a name and an e:mail address, as well as answer a simple equation to prove the reader is not a robot/spammer.  If the reader is a member in the Bonanza Brand Forums, please use your User Name in the name field, if not logged in.  Also, note that the e:mail address provided will not be publicly posted.

NOTE:  All comments left in the Brand Library are routed through a moderation process, the Library reserves the right to delete any spammer or any inappropriate review.

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Our authors love to read feedback on the stories they’ve spent countless hours creating.  Brand encourages all readers to leave a review/comment to let the authors know how much their works were enjoyed.  We only ask that when leaving comments, if a twist or a situation in the story took you by surprise, please don’t spoil the surprise for future readers by stating exactly who or what happened.

If readers wish to register for membership in the Bonanza Brand Library, this registration is separate from the registration for the Bonanza Brand Forums; however, the same username and password may be used for both websites.

Library Registration is located in the right-hand Meta sidebar, or -> Register.
We encourage readers to review our step by step User’s Guide – Reader

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In early 2014, Brand moved to a new platform to house all the stories in our ever-growing Library.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, many of the comments were lost during the transition.   So please, do not take the lack of /low number of comments or low read count on the summary page as an indication that the story is not worth reading.  Brand also continues to upload older stories after obtaining permission from authors who have not previously posted in the  library; and every now and then we find a ‘lost story’ written by one of our authors to add.

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To new authors,  effective July 1, 2016, any author wishing to publish a story in the Bonanza Brand Library must become a member of the Bonanza Brand Discussion Forums.  As a forum member, a potential author must post a minimum of 100 times before being considered as an author in our Library. Once a member has reached the required number of posts, they will be granted author status upon request, and be permitted to post stories in our fan fiction library, subject to approval by our Librarians. Note, all stories considered for submission must adhere to our Library Rules.

We strongly suggest that any new author use a beta reader before submitting a story for consideration; it can be someone of their choosing or they can use a Bonanza Brand beta reader.  Even with the use of a Beta, the Librarians may still send a story back for further editing, if necessary.

An exemption to this rule is given to those established authors invited to join the Bonanza Brand Library by the Brandsters or Librarians.


Thank you,

    The Brandsters & The Librarians

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