Nothing is What it Seems (By JulieS)

Summary: Joe believes that Adam is on assignment and does all he can to find out what it is. (9th story in the series)

I wrote this series originally back in the early 2000s. This is a recently updated/edited version.

Rated: K+ (7527 words)


The Way Things Are Series:

The Way Things Are
History has a Habit
When you Least Expect It
There’s Always Something
The Choices we Make
Looks Can be Deceiving
One Thing or Another
Just One of Those Days
Nothing is What it Seems
You Can’t Keep an Old Lawman Down
Times Like These
The Nature of Life
Unexpected Changes
Out on a Limb
A Time to Decide
The Company We Keep

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3 thoughts on “Nothing is What it Seems (By JulieS)”

  1. Thanks! I am glad that you are enjoying the stories. There are another 10 stories in the series I have to re-edit. I have started writing the final (20th story) but have no idea when it will be finished as real life gets in the way a lot.

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