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Garden Party (by BettyHT)

September 13, 2015 | 4 Comments

Summary:  Inspired by some Ricky Nelson songs, this story begins with Adam arriving home disillusioned and cynical after many years away. At a party thrown by his father to celebrate his return, he meets someone who begins to change his attitude and will change his future as soon as he allows it.  Adam changes her life too although there are some who do their best to try to prevent the two from being together. 

rating = T    WC = 35,173

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Irae Series:

Garden Party
Wearing a Frown
Hi Ya, Sweetheart

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4 people are talking about “Garden Party (by BettyHT)

  1. So loved this story! Adam always needed a family of his own. Great characters. Family is always at its best when they stick together. So well done and great story telling.

    • Thank you so much. I wrote this story once when I had been listening to a Ricky Nelson album, and I guess that’s why they ended up in a garden party. The rest of the story flowed from that. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Love the way you brought back Adam from his travels and settled his soul! All of us Adam girls know that he needs a good woman to love him and to use her woman’s intuition to see the pain and loneliness that the men in his life often fail to see. Good job and also loved the ending with the second garden party and the baby’s french nickname!!

    • Thank you so much. Yes, to me too, Adam needs to be loved and needed by a good and intelligent woman who could see through the hard shell to the tender heart within.

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