28 thoughts on “First Step (by Cheaux)”

  1. Very nice! Lightning would be a real danger, outside so much like that, but I had just never really thought about it in a Cartwright context. I liked Joe’s ‘voice’ a lot in this story, and your look at him through the eyes of his former teacher. Her words do seem to fit him well.

    Thanks for writing!

    1. Thank you, PSW. Story idea was inspired by a news article about a young couple who got hit by this type of lightning and survived because they were holding hands which helped dissipate the charge. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when it happened so, of course, I had to research how that could happen and then how you would feel, etc.

  2. Loved this! Enjoyed the way you made Adam and Joe relate to each other and the way they worked together! Excellent job!!

  3. Wow!
    I like the story written in first person. But most of all I like the conversation and interaction between Adam and Joe. “Tit for tat” 🙂 That part with the lightning I didn’t understand. Maybe I have to improve my English first and come back to that part of your story later. But for sure I enjoyed the story.
    Thank you!

  4. Very nicely crafted. Of course, I loved the historic detail. It’s like meeting old friends along the road and always makes me grin like a co-conspirator when I recognize those hidden gems. As others have said, I especially appreciated the conversations between Adam and Joe, which seemed very natural, and the new back story to explain Joe’s relationship with Cochise, which was unique.

  5. Great story! I loved the addition of Sarah Winnamucca and Cochise. I also loved the way Adam was so willing to help Joe, which helped Joe see him in a new light.

    1. Thanks, Belle! I like history, too, and love to throw tidbits in when I find them. Even if most folks think it’s made up stuff (names, places, etc.), those that do know will appreciate the attention to detail.

  6. Read this from start to finish because I couldn’t put it down. Really liked how you have written a younger Little Joe. The first teacher really understood him more than Miss Jones. Like the way that you have Adam and Joe relate to each other. Typical brothers but also respect and love for each other. Also like how Cochise is introduced in this story

  7. I really appreciated reading this story which goes out of the usual “Adam knowitallsuperhero” and “Joestupidand vengeanceful” story we have sometimes.
    i like to see in your story, how Adam interact with Joe, which is more like i see it in the show.
    Joe’s old teacher really understood him very well, and i think it helps Adam understand his brother too.
    VERY nice story i enjoyed reading
    (sorry for the english’ mistakes i’m french and your langage grammar is sometimes a bit difficult for me)

  8. Ooooooo! What a unique take on the past and a FANTASTIC use of your Ws.

    PS: Now I lay me down to sleep, and can’t get that song out of my head.

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