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School Project (by Silver Sven)

September 18, 2015 | 22 Comments

Summary:  It was just a school project, something in which Hoss wanted to excel.

Rating:  K  (1,900 words)


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22 people are talking about “School Project (by Silver Sven)

  1. Richly detailed and well-characterized story that shows how at this time the three brothers were perhaps as much at odds with each other as they would ever be–and yet were still tightly bound by friendship as well as family love! What a fine debut story for the library; thank you for sharing it!

  2. I loved it!!!
    My heart stays full of love when imagine Little Joe in this age between his brothers and father!
    And you did it very well!
    It was real!
    I hope to read other soon and you have to tell me!!!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed my very first little story and thanks for leaving a comment.
      I’ll try to go on writing and I can tell you, there is one on its way 🙂

  3. Chuckled all the way to bed last night. It’s good to remember that Joe was not the only one that needed to be reminded how to close the door. Also, liked Hoss’s reasoning for storing the item in Adam’s room. Ben handled the situation just perfectly.

    • I did it. I wrote my very first story and I wrote it in a foreign language. I’m glad I got enough inspiration and courage reading other authors stories to get my pen on the paper.

  4. I enjoyed Hoss wanting to be good at something at school. And I felt for his words towards Joe. This was a charming look at honesty between brothers, and a look at family! Wonderful job on your first story.

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