Home is the Sailor (by Krystyna)

Summary:  The Commodore’s letter of resignation has long been accepted.  Will the mundane life of a rancher be enough?

A story where old foes and new, as well as the past and the present entwine to continue the lives created in the World of Captain Cartwright.

Rating:  K+  (214,200)


Home is the Sailor Series: The saga continues after the conclusion of the Captain Cartwright series.

Home is the Sailor
The Iron Horsemen
There will Always be Rainbows
The Pledge


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13 thoughts on “Home is the Sailor (by Krystyna)”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this first story in your new series. It’s so good to have Adam at home and an active part of the family again. You have such magic as you weave the character’s lives together. Your plot with McGarthy was amazing especially the several who-done-it’s. I agree with another post that you are so talented to keep all the OC’s so unique and growing. Having read the Commodore stories, I feel I’m reminiscing right along with the family. All of your stories fit so well with the Canon because you are true to the characters. You keep us on the edge of our seats and we feel the joys and sorrows all the family endures. Thank you for your hard work and your love of these wonderful characters.

    1. I was so pleased to get such an upbeat review on this story AC. I was rather nervous about how you would find it after the adventures of our Commodore at sea, so when I read through what you had to say about it I was positively delighted. I miss writing the Adam at sea stories combined with the adventures of Ben and the boys back home, but as I am trying to keep things realistic and chronologically in order, the poor chap was getting a mite older so it was time for him to be retired. Thank you again so very much, as a review like this motivates one with the ongoing story I am writing just now…

  2. i love this series soo much and have been reading it a second time. Just as amazing even though I didn’t remember everything I still seemed to have a vague feeling that I remembered how some adventures ended. No matter, I loved reading it again. I still have 2 stories to go but I don’t think I ever read the last one. Thanks again for giving me so much enjoyment !!

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie …it is a real joy to know you enjoyed the story so much, thank you for letting me know as I am now onto story number 4. reading your comments is a real encouragement.

  3. Hi Krystyna,
    I was soo looking forward to your new story about Adam being back home from the sea. I was looking at the wrong place for it. I read it when I went to our little Bonanzathon in The Nederlands last weekend.
    Another great story. It made my long train ride short. I just loved all those long stories. And I am glad that you are already writing a nex story about Adam being home with his family.

  4. Wow, this was a massive work of fan fiction. So glad to see Adam home. I loved some of the parts and how subtly the personalities played out as in Ben not knowing how to bring up the subject of who saved the Ponderosa in that previous story and the way Adam reacted so perfectly downplayed much as I would have pictured him acting in such a situation. The cast of OCs is so complex but you have kept them not only unique but developing with the story so well. Thank you for this satisfying alternate story of how Adam’s life could have gone but so good to have him home again.

    1. Thank you so much, Betty. What a gorgeous surprising review, I was so pleased to receive this and appreciate it so much. It was hard to write about Adam being home, oddly enough relationships are often the most complex things to write about, and to sustain as well in a series. I am also pleased that you liked the O.C’s … they are all vivid characters in this little a.u of mine. Thanks again very much.

  5. I have just finished reading this amazing work of Bonanza fiction and for anyone reading this comment–you have got to read this story!! This new series can be read by itself but it makes a lot more sense if you read the Captain Cartwright series first all the way through!(especially ”The New Command” story which is my favorite of that series) The characters are so right and completely authentic with the series and what it stands for!! Great job, Krystyna!!

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Kitty. A New Command was one of my favourites too, and I was really pleased that it was yours also. This new series can stand alone as you say, but it always helps to have background knowledge of events and characters, doesn’t it? Thank you for your enthusiastic review, I really appreciated it very much.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this one, Krystyna! This was such a wonderful surprise. I’m going to get myself settled, comfortable and read on. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Kranapple, how great to find you here. I do hope you enjoy the story ..Adam the family man, and Joe on pins and needles expecting his second child and Hoss…well, you will just have to read on to see what happens to Hoss 🙂 do hope you enjoy it, and thank you for letting me know …

  7. Just saw this was posted, can’t wait to read this very long(AWESOME!)first story of your sequel series, can’t wait to see Olivia and the kids again too!

    1. Lovely surprise to see a comment here, but so glad you are looking forward to reading it. Yes, it is long, but I do like to tidy up all the threads and tuck them in neatly to the pattern … the main thing is, I so hope you enjoy it. The second story leads on from this one ….thank you so much for your interest and enthusiasm, it does help motivate the writer. Thanks again, Miss Kitty

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