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Good Intentions (by BettyHT)

January 13, 2016 | 6 Comments

Summary:  A prequel story with LJ at thirteen, Hoss at nineteen, and Adam at twenty-five. In the first part, Little Joe decides to be good for three weeks as a gift to his father which sets off a chain of events while Adam decides to ride a couple of difficult horses that sets off a different chain of events. Everything comes together as does the family in time for a Christmas celebration. The second part of the story is a WHB for The Quality of Mercy and features Seth in a prominent role.
rating = T (26,563)


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6 people are talking about “Good Intentions (by BettyHT)

  1. So Seth was a sociopath and Mary Lou was a mean little fool. It sounds like they deserved each other. I love the way the family pulls together in this story. You’re a wonderful storyteller.

  2. This story is so good! I love all of the family dynamics that have to be resolved and how it pulls them closer together! Not to mention, the SAS thrown in makes for a moving story as well!! A wonderful read, Betty!!

    • Thank you so much. There wasn’t too much SAS though I hope as I wanted to keep the story from getting too dark even though there are serious issues involved. Yes, the whole family works together in this one.

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