Many Shades of Guilt (by Sibylle)

A contribution to the “Camp in the Pines Challenge” 2015

My words were: Will Cartwright fell out of a tree in the bedroom before church

Summary: Guilt and mistakes – nobody is free of them. It’s not only the big guilt following bad deeds that can affect your life, but also mistakes and misinterpretations. There are many shades of guilt, as even the Cartwrights had to learn.

The story is set in 1863 and shows Adam as a substitute teacher.

Rated: K+  Word count: 10354


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21 thoughts on “Many Shades of Guilt (by Sibylle)”

  1. Combines a dramatic story about the mature Adam with a subtle analysis of how he became the man he is–and succeeds at every level! Thank you so much for this insight into our favorite “dark knight,” Sibylle. I’m very glad I was able to help you take this from its original inspiration to the finished story.

    1. Sklamb, thank you for your review. You know that it was a lot more than “help”. Without your suggestions, your criticism, and your work with my English over months and months I’d been absolutely lost. THANK YOU!

  2. There are so many thoughts in my head. Mistakes and guilt can go hand in hand, but it’s the atoning and forgiving that heals the wounds and removes the monsters of the past. A well written story to see how they all fits together. Hopefully more ‘walls’ can be brought down on the journey to healing. Thank you for this story.

    1. Thank you so much for your detailed review, AC1830. Your statement about guilt and mistakes and about Adam’s walls shows me I could make my point – and that makes me absolutely happy as a writer. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for reading and reviewing, I’m glad I could “move” you. Your nice review give me a good start in a hard day.

  3. Guilt can last a loooooong time, and affect one’s perceptions and reactions for years. You showed guilt’s damaging effects beautifully in “Many Shades.” Great job!

  4. A lot of memories are interwoven into a well-rounded story. So much guilt, so much hurt! But you manged to solve everyone’s problem satisfactory in the end.

    And what a great teacher Adam made here!

    1. Thank you so much for your review, faust. It was very important to me that Ben and Adam could solve (or at least understand) some problems coming from their own past – and I’m glad you see “everyone’s problem satisfactory” solved in my story.

  5. Hopefully, Adam will make it back to school for his party. You managed some tricky words and got them out of the way early so you could concentrate on the rest of the story. Nice to have another “Pines” entry!

    1. Thanks, jfc, for your review. I tried to post it at least before the end of the year but I didn’t manage it. But nevertheless I’m happy I finally did post this “Pine-story 2015”.

    1. Thank you, BWF, for reading and reviewing. I’m glad you liked my use of the w-words. After I had made Will to a part of my story I was really scared somebody would “fish” him.

  6. I started reading on this morning, and I just finished. Wahoo, it was so deep, a very touching story. I was caught by each words. You created an amazing story, thanks a lot for all you’ve put inside : so many strong feelings;

  7. A wonderful story of how guilt can affect how one thinks, relates to others, and makes decisions that can have far reaching consequences. The Adam and Pa moments are tender and warm showing a side of Ben that is often forgotten. Well done!

    1. Thank you, Betty, for reading and commenting. I’m glad you like my Ben; yes, in my eyes he isn’t only the strict father. But even he isn’t free of mistakes and guilt raising his boys, espescially with his first son.

    1. LOL! You picked the words, not me! To be precise, you picked a number between 1-15 for each color (red, blue, green and yellow) representing Who-What-Where-When and received those words in return. I know it was a CHALLENGE to incorporate them into your story–and you succeeded!

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