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Pride and Ponderosa (by Sandspur)

January 17, 2016 | 18 Comments

Rating: T. Totally clean, but one description of an unseemly death.  WC 86,200

Summary: What happens when Jane Austen’s ultimate chick-fic, “Pride & Prejudice,” crosses into the burly, macho, he-man world of Bonanza? Confusion? Kidnappings? Crossover characters from other series like “Bronco” and “the Big Valley”? Anything can happen—and anything does!


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18 people are talking about “Pride and Ponderosa (by Sandspur)

  1. Sandspur, as one who has never actually read Jane Austen (is that blasphemy?), I can’t imagine her original version to be as entertaining as yours. I loved seeing all the familiar crossover characters, plus I think I recognized a couple of Brand personalities in there as well (heaven help Joe). You laid out a credible story line for the connection between Adam and his lookalike Dave Clayton, and you’re right — I definitely need to find that Bronco episode. I’m always challenged by the sheer volume of story that flows from you (I mean that in a good way) and your style is like no other. Wish I’d been around to see it unfold as a WIP — that would have been great fun, I know!

    • Thanks for your review, JC. This is one of my own favorites, just because it was so zany. The WIP was done as a NANOWRIMO project seven or eight years ago and was massively fun.

  2. I adore this story! Adam is a hoot–I love seeing him loosen up. The inside jokes are hilarious. I’ll confess I am not the biggest Jane Austen fan, but what you did with this crossover was inspired.

  3. Austen’s book is one of my favorites, so I particularly enjoyed seeing how you transformed scenes, characters and dialog from the original into the lives of the Cartwrights and assorted people from previous episodes. I don’t always agree with some characterizations (like Will and Mr. Bennet), but even so it’s a fun romp written in your unique style. Well done with a formidable task!

    • Thanks for your review, Puchi Ann! I’m glad you enjoyed the story, even if you didn’t agree with all the characterizations. As you’ve probably figured out, I did not want the story to be a straight scene-by-scene retelling of the classic, and of course once some of the Western characters (such as Dave Clayton from “Bronco”) made their entrance, it couldn’t be a strict retelling, anyway, so some of the characters had to change. But for me that was part of the fun–seeing what the new characters would bring to the Austen “table.” And as for Mr. Bennet, you are not alone. Several people have taken me to task for my rendition of him. My response is simply, “He has a great wit, but the man is the most ineffectual father ever, even in the original.” Sorry!

  4. I think it’s pretty much unanimous, Sandspur; sequel please! This was such a fun read. What a wonderful mix of characters, and they all rang true. I always wondered what would happen if the Barkleys and Cartwrights met. And the addition of the Pride and Prejudice characters was inspired. Thank you for writing this.

  5. I haven’t read such a lengthy, fun, adventurous story in a good long time. I found myself laughing so much, the humor is fantastic. Your Adam was so precise! I’ll also vote a sequel. It’s just too good to end like this. Please consider, in the mean time, I’ll most certainly look forward to it. Thank you for the laughs and a great story.

    • Well it was certainly lengthy, Kranapple, but I’m glad you found it fun too. I had worlds of fun writing this story. I’m always glad when other people get the fun out of reading a story that I had when writing it.

  6. I’d hate to have to pick my favorite of all your stories, but if someone put a gun to my head….

    Well, I doubt that would actually make it any easier. But this story just might be my favorite of all favorites. I had a blast reading it as a WIP, and even though you ignored all my suggestions (or all the suggestions I can remember) I get an even bigger blast when I reread it, because it’s always better than I remember it.

    I have to second BWF’s plea for a sequel. I’d much rather read your sequel to this than try to plow through P.D.James’s sequel to the “real” P&P (I’ve never gotten past the first chapter, good as P.D.James is as an original writer). We don’t even have to mention the scads of Austen fan fiction out there, do we? I’m sure some of it is readable (actually, I do know some of it is, but that’s beside the point) but none of it has Adam. And Adam is a perfect hero for Austen…as well as for me.

    • sklamb, some of my fondest memories are of this story’s “WIPdom.” Your help was invaluable to me; I did take careful note of several of your suggestions (remember the original Chapter 12? Or the lack of Chapter 43? You and faust were directly responsible for those. 😀 ) I had more fun writing this story than any three people have a right to, and I can only thank Jane Austen and all the WIPpers for that experience.

      PD James is a brilliant writer, but I’m with you–“Death Comes to Pemberley” never should have been allowed to see the light of day. But I’m not sure “Pride and Ponderosa” needs a sequel. I’ll give it some thought, though. The problem is sequels seldom live up to the first story, and I’d hate to fall into that trap.

      Thanks for the praise…and don’t worry, I’ll never hold a gun to your head!

  7. Saints preserve us!!!! What an adventure. The dead-pan style of writing was priceless and the brothers’ predicaments were true to form. But I must admit, I’m left hanging… what happens next? There are so many plot lines that could be continued, maybe the adventure is just beginning?

    • To tell the truth, BWF, I’ve never imagined doing a sequel for this one; I thought it best just to leave it as Austen did. I had never thought of it as something that COULD be continued. But you never know, now that you’ve put an evil idea into my head! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the story!

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