He’s My Father Too (by MissJudy)

Summary:  Farmer Perkins and Sam Bryant are dead and Ben is safe, yet his sons are at odds. Little Joe and Adam’s argument tears them apart, and Hoss realizes that while his father survived, the bond between his other brothers died at dawn. Ben wants to solve things but must step back to let his sons find their way back to each other.

Rating  K  (20,920 words)


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28 thoughts on “He’s My Father Too (by MissJudy)”

  1. I reread the story because it was subject on the fan fiction chat and I remembered while reading how much pleasure the story gave me the first time. I still hold on the comment I made after my first reading early this year. You kept the story line smooth and easy to follow.

  2. great story, really enjoyed WHN after “Death at dawn, some very intense moment in the story and I loved the ending. I read it twice like one of your other stories, In the child best interest I will no doubt be reading it again you are a brilliant writer. thanks .

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier Adam31845. I didn’t receive notification that it had been posted. What an incredibly kind thing to say. I appreciate this more than I can ever tell you. This story, as well as the other one you mention, seemed to strike note with Adam fans. Maybe both of them showed him in a vulnerable time, when he overcame the hurt and managed to find his way despite his pain. I am so thankful that you enjoyed them.

  3. Even it’s a long story (for me), I never lost the focus on the course. You lead over very well from scene to scene and never jump too fast in the timeline. I like all the hints to the real episodes so I can picture the development of the relationship between Adam and Joe.
    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you for this thoughtful review, Silver Sven! I appreciate hearing that it was paced well and that you could stay with the story as it developed. That is so good to hear. Adam and Joe would be at odds quite often, I think. There were so many things that would make them want to stand their ground in their opinions. Adam’s well-thought out plans and methods would clash with Joe’s more fiery and impulsive decisions, yet they both had the same underlying motivation. They loved their family and wanted the best for the Ponderosa. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you Maria! I agree about JAMs. I think the moments with Hoss are sweet and sometimes hold hurt, but he is usually the glue between the other two brothers. The heated exchanges are usually between Adam and Joe. They have different goals in life, but they are both driven and are good at what they do. They both like making decisions and are pretty sure they know the answers. It gets “complicate” between them quite often and it’s always fun figuring out how to bring them back. But they loved each other above all, and that’s always the starting point…and the ending point.

  4. I too am a second time reader. It’s worth many more. The other comments have just about said it all. I like the way you explored Joe and Adam. There is so much depth to each of them and their relationship I don’t even think they know it. (Well actually Adam may.) It’s so natural for Adam to build things and you work it in well. I really enjoyed Col. McGee. One can learn a lot from him, and I seems Adam has. Great story to wrap up the loose threads of a powerful episode.

    1. Thank you so much, Ac1830. I know they all walked off arm-in-arm, all smiles and good will. But there was such tension, and conflict of opinions throughout their time waiting for dawn. The comment Joe made about “His father” would have hurt, and Adam could forgive, but he also knew that Joe was young and needed to learn the consequences of words – especially if his younger brother was truly becoming the man he claimed to be. I appreciate your comments very much.

  5. Love, love, love this story. Seems like you picked up on all the things everyone else missed out on when we were writing our own “sequels” to Death at Dawn. The fact that no matter how much he might have liked to, Adam still had duties to fulfill after the hanging was the least of the original matter you brought to the table, but that alone would have made the story worth reading. The rest of it was only added value. This is a great look at what happened after the Cartwrights walked down the street together. Loved the tension between the brothers, the punch outside the sheriff’s office and the verbal fencing match after the meeting with Col. McGee (note my respectful use of his title; you sure convinced me!). This is a story to be read again and again, as there will always be something new to pick up. Thanks for posting it!

    1. Thank you, Sandspur, and thank you for reading this as my beta and giving good suggestions on how to pull in the loose threads and tighten the drama. I guess I’m the Martha in the Mary and Martha story. I’m the one who’s always worried about who’s going to clean up the mess, and in this episode there was so much mess left behind after Pa was freed. Adam would have known someone had to finish the job, and that someone was him. There was as much mental and emotional mess left behind as there were bodies to care for, and that was the harder part. He’d already threatened to leave the Ponderosa once when he thought his presence would interfere with Joe becoming the man he needed to be. He must have wondered if he should have kept riding that day. Yet, he’d helped to raise Joe, and knew as his father suspected that there was a deeper issue in this episode. It’s always easier to strike out and blame others when your heart is unsure of what you’ve done to make it feel so bad. Thank you again for all your support and encouragement. I loved writing this story, and you made this possible.

  6. Thanks Betty. I am honored that you read this story again. I never felt that they’d have been able to all just go home and be one big happy family. There would have been lingering effects as each son had to accept what they did and how they acted during those horrible hours.

  7. It is a great WHN for “Death At Dawn” and a good look into the Adam/Joe relationship in the earlier years. Good job at all the intense moments and I too loved the ending!

    1. Thank you Misskitty. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. I suspect Adam and Joe would always butt heads, but they would always find a way to understand each other too.

  8. Wonderful study of the changing relationship between Adam and Joe as Joe begins to mature. Adam’s new life in San Francisco seems so well-suited to him I’m surprised he apparently went East when he finally left the Ponderosa. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Thank you SKLamb. It couldn’t have been easy for either brother. Adam was so good at what he did, and he knew Joe would be good at it too…if he would take the time to bolster his bravado with facts. In my post BZ world of Adam, I send him East to be with his grandfather. I think that was a powerful draw when it came to leaving his family.

  9. Wow! This is a MUST READ story. The tension between brothers is palpable and your depictions are spot-on.

    Time is a great healer, but not on its own. Sometimes letting one go, actually means that you need to leave, to give them the time needed to understand and face a difficult truth. I can only imagine how difficult it was for Ben to take the high road, to let his sons stumble before they found their true footing.

    Loved the interactions between the brothers ‘Hoss and Joe’ and ‘Adam and Joe’ as they spoke and helped ‘clear the air’. The ending is Priceless!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Bluewindfarm. I agree Ben, Adam and Hoss all saw the need to let Joe figure things out on his own. If he’d remained, Joe wouldn’t have had to face that empty stall and understand the consequences of his words or have the time to learn and begin his journey toward Ponderosa leadership. Hoss had disagreements with his family, but he was also the quiet observer, and I think he’d have always been dead on in his assessments. He didn’t want what Joe and Adam did in life, so he could remain neutral in the fray. Thanks again!

  10. I’ve read this before, but I read it again because this is a great WHN for Death at Dawn and does such a thorough job of explaining what needed to be further developed at the end of that episode. There were no easy answers for all that happened and you delivered the complex resolution that was needed.

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