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Smoke Rings In The Dark (MissKitty4Adam)

February 6, 2016 | 8 Comments

Book 1 of The Healing Hearts Series

Summary: It is nearing the end of 1866’s spring. Having found true love, Adam is at long last feeling complete after being rejected by Laura Dayton the summer before. But, while a web of intrigue is being spun by a mysterious personage and a kidnapping occurs, can Adam find enough inner strength in time to save his own heart from final ruination? Can he solve the mystery before his family is destroyed? Will his heart be forever doomed to remain isolated and alone?

Rated T  No swearing or graphic violence.

(32,514 words)


The Healing Hearts Series:

Smoke Rings In The Dark
Spirit of a Wild One — Part ISpirit of a Wild One — Part 2

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8 people are talking about “Smoke Rings In The Dark (MissKitty4Adam)

  1. You have a talent for description and creating in-depth OC’s. You know our Cartwrights well. This is a wonderful story that you have woven around Adam and Evangeline, as well as a very sinister plot. I felt all of Adam’s pain in the beginning, and throughout until the threads were all tied up at the end. I hope you will post more about Adam and Evangeline’s budding romance.

    • Thank you, AC, so sweet of you to comment here on this story. I’m glad that you think I know our boys well, I like to think I do but sometimes it’s difficult to know for sure. : ) The sequel is coming… ; )

  2. I have to admit I was I little skeptical at first when I began reading you story but I must say that any doubts I had were gone very quickly! Love this story! Just enough SJS and SAS for me! Excellent job!

    • Thank for giving it a chance, PC, I know this is a little longer story but I appreciate your time in reading it! I’m glad that it could please so well. The sequel will be coming soon!

  3. The Bonanza canon episodes showed us a family that never had an easy time with others or even within the family at times. You’ve captured that upheaval well in this story where love doesn’t come easy and others blame the Cartwrights for their unhappiness, while trying to make them pay. Glad things sorted themselves in the end and Adam seems to be heading for a wedding. But then again…things never come easy for them…. You brought in some very interesting characters and had great moments of family happiness and grief. The Cartwrights are always a unit. What happens to one of them is felt by all of them.

    • Thank you for pausing to make such a wonderful comment, Judy, it means a lot. Yes, things never seem to come easy for our “boys” but they always come out on top! I look forward to continuing this series and having more adventures and romance with the Cartwright men!

  4. Wonderful story with complex OCs, twists and turns, delightfully described scenery, and suffering Joe and Adam but not too much. A good balance of family with the story of the other character’s with a satisfying resolution. Well done!

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