The Iron Horsemen (by Krystyna)

Summary :  It is the winter of 1877 and two of Adam and Olivia’s children are lost during the blizzards. This story is about the iron like qualities the Cartwrights need in order to find a child.

Rating:  K+  (182,450)


Home is the Sailor Series: 

Home is the Sailor
The Iron Horseman
There Will Always be Rainbows
The Pledge

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10 thoughts on “The Iron Horsemen (by Krystyna)”

  1. This story, so focused on the family, truly shows what the Cartwrights mean to each other. As they have proven over and over again, they are always there for each other. Poor Adam getting pounded by the thugs over the Paiute issues, then having to explain to his children why he was fighting (not his fault) when he tells them not to fight. Priceless. Dear Sophie settling into school and picks the wrong friend in Charlotte. That Charlotte is a scary one for sure. Dan DeQuille is quite a rascal and is going to find himself on the wrong end of Adam’s fist if he doesn’t rein his curiosity in. But when Sophie and Reuben get lost in the storm, so many people try to help and one sees just what makes the Cartwrights so well-loved. What they won’t do for each other to find those kids. Each child has so much to be proud of being so brave and you’ve set up a few threads already for the next story. The ending was so wonderful and warm. Thanks for a very special story to read.

    1. I am so very glad you enjoyed this story, AC. It does seem strange that Adam is no longer on board ship but dangers exist even closer to home as he found out. A lovely tribute, thank you so very, very much AC…so much appreciated ..

  2. OMG 1 I was so excited to find this story. I had read the entire series and loved it. This was the cherry on top. Krystyna, this is my absolute favorite series. I loved every second of it. There was so much drama, mystery, romance, comedy… didn’t leave out anything ! I had such a difficult time pulling myself from my computer. The entire series was so emotional. I cried when I was happy and I cried when the story was sad. You expressed so strongly the love between the Cartwright men no matter if they we were together or thousands of miles apart. There were beautiful stories of the relationships between Adam and Hoss, Adam and Joe, and there were wonderful moments between Adam and Ben. I loved Olivia and Adam and their hardships raising children. I just can’t say enough……………………Krystyna, you are so awesome.

    1. What a beautiful comment on this story. Debbie, I can’t thank you enough for writing such a complimentary review on this story. Just sometimes thank you doesn’t sound like enough …I am working on a sequel now, Adam and Olivia’s relationship continues to strengthen despite problems and Hoss and Hester are about to get some good news.I hope you will enjoy that story as much as this last one….

  3. Hi Krystyna,
    Thank you again for a new wonderful story. It is always hard to stop reading when you are enjoying it so much. I saw the name Veronica again. It reminds me of someone…..:-)
    It is great to see how well it fits all together in the end. You also describe how important family can be very well .
    Looking forward to your next story int this serie.

    1. Hi Ducky…thank you for commenting on this story. Yes, family is so important and the Cartwrights managed to convey this even without a woman in the series. Many thanks…as always… Krystyna

  4. I loved this story, Krystyna! If it’s possible, I think you just keep getting better and better! We readers are so lucky that you love to write so often because where would we be without the Commodore, his adventures and his family? In this story, I love the interaction between all the characters, the tension, the way that Luke was developed and, of course, the homecoming was priceless and tear-jerking as usual! All in all, another masterpiece and I can’t wait for the next part of the (Home Is The Sailor) saga! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

    1. There is so much pleasure in writing these stories, Miss Kitty, especially when one can receive such lovely comments like this! Thank you for all your encouragement during the writing of this glimpse into their lives …your comments picked me up many a time!

  5. What a delightful treat to find another story in this wonderful saga. Many thanks Krystna for the hours of enjoyment I have ahead. I am so glad you are so prolific!

    1. Hi Lyn…hope you are keeping well! I so hope you enjoy this story. There are quite a few twists and turns to it..

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