Wet Bottom, Warm Heart (by McFair)


Summary: Deep inside 17 year old Little Joe Cartwright there’s an angry beast waiting to get out. It makes him say and do things he always regrets, like talking back to his Pa.  After one such incident, his shame drives him away from the Ponderosa, straight into the arms of trouble – and the waiting rifle sight of a little golden-haired girl named Elizabeth Carnaby.

Rating: PG    Word Count:  13,300

All known and public characters belong to those who created them.  All new characters belong to the author.  There is no intent to infringe on copyright and no money is being made – just friends and warm hearts hopefully!


Wet Bottom, Warm Heart Series:

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart
Sunshine With a Little Hurricane
In the Light as in the Darkness
Doubt that the Stars are Fire

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13 thoughts on “Wet Bottom, Warm Heart (by McFair)”

  1. This was amazing start of the whole series with cute little Bella & her thoughts!!!I read it again as I started the series from the third story than read them one by one again & read this one second time!

  2. Read this before and loved it but thought I would read again before reading the newest one. So glad I did. Really a fun story.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read again and for commenting. I am glad you enjoyed it. There will be four stories in the completed saga of Joe and Bella. I am working on part four right now.

  3. Good story! I liked the spunkiness of your original character and the stream of consciousness thoughts both she and Joe indulged in. Maybe because that’s the way I talk, too! A tangent here, a tangent there, everywhere a tangent.

    1. Sorry about the delay in thanking you for your comment. Thank you for letting my know you enjoyed the story and meeting Elizabeth as well as the constant chatter of my two slightly off-the-wall head-thinkers! I think Elizabeth or Bella is just a little female Joe! BTW, I love your stories too!

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