Sunshine with a Little Hurricane (by McFair)


Summary:  A  sequel to ‘Wet Bottom Warm Heart’. After 11 year old Elizabeth Carnaby saved Little Joe’s life, he promised to bring her to the Ponderosa. She arrives along with a sudden winter storm that blows in not only a little fun but a whole lot of trouble, including a killer named Fleet Rowse who is looking to make easy money by lightening the load in Ben Cartwright’s safe.

Rating:  T  (82,825 words)

All known and public characters belong to those who created them.  All new characters belong to the author.  There is no intent to infringe on copyright and no money is being made – just friends and warm hearts hopefully!


Wet Bottom, Warm Heart Series:

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart
Sunshine With a Little Hurricane
In the Light as in the Darkness
Doubt that the Stars are Fire

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8 thoughts on “Sunshine with a Little Hurricane (by McFair)”

  1. This was the best in the series with amazing SJS,JAM !!I loved the whole series but This was really great!with all that snow & freezing & all !ours is a tropical country! I hv not seen much of snow!most of the time in year we fight with heat!! so this was really a cool one for me though it was not enjoyable for Joe & his family!!!All was looking for one another!

  2. Read this while we were getting 6 inches of snow. Understandable how lost in snow everyone kept getting. Nice story to read while in front of the fireplace tucked under a blanket. Enjoyed Bella and Joe’s conversations. Thank you.

    1. I couldn’t help but channel a little a recent viewing of Little House on the Prairie’s ‘Survival’, and the tale of the real Ingalls’ woes during the long winter. Imagine three children dying because they tried to make it to the barn and lost their way! This story took its own path. I had no idea it was going to be snowing when I started it – after all, it was only November. Adam came through the door with the snow on his hat and the cold was on!

      Thanks for reviewing!

  3. I love this story. I’m very glad you didn’t go down your original path although I’d still like to read the alternative version 🙂

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