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The Devil’s In the Details (by McFair)

June 12, 2017 | 9 Comments

Summary: This grew out of a discussion on Bonanza Boomers regarding all the conflicting info about Joe’s mother and his birth. Ten year old Joseph Cartwright has been assigned a project by Miss Jones to write a paper about his mother. The trouble is, he’s not quite sure what he knows so he asks for her help.

Rated G  (2,100 words)


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9 people are talking about “The Devil’s In the Details (by McFair)

  1. Fine foreshadowing of the way Joe hungered after any information about his mother on the show–and I agree that, with all her faults, Abigail Jones was a dedicated teacher! Thank you for sharing this here!

  2. Excellent way of bringing those disparate details together! And what a lovely way to show Abigail Jones as something more than a priggish man-hunter. Well done!

  3. That was very cool. I love the way a true teacher managed to steer a pupil in the right direction. For whatever else she may have been, Abigail was a dedicated teacher and this was lovely. What a great way to pull together the inconsistencies of script writers.

    • I got into a discussion on the Boomers list regarding Marie. There were SO many differences – hair color, her name, etc. – that I thought it would be fun to see if I could sort it out. Thanks for reading and letting me know I managed it!

  4. No wonder the poor child was confused, all those writers who couldn’t remember what happened before. Great plot for your story!

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