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Surprise! (by AC1830)

June 18, 2017 | 16 Comments

Summary:  Young Hoss and Joe have decided that Ben deserves a day off so they plan a special day with him, but Ben soon discovers it’s more special than anyone anticipated.

Rating K  Word Count 678


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16 people are talking about “Surprise! (by AC1830)

  1. Oh, I loved this! Most “Adam gets back from college” stories are semi-formal meets in town with Adam returning on a stagecoach and the whole family turning out to meet and greet. This was way more original. Nice idea, too, to not tell Joe until the last minute. If I were Ben, I would have been energized as heck after that!

    • Thank you Sandspur for your wonderful comment. I’m blown away. I felt Adam would do this as a gift for his father after receiving Hoss’ letter. And we all know Joe, right? He can’t keep a secret worth a darn. I imagine Ben fairly floating on air the rest of the day with his sons. Don’t think he’ll sleep much that night.

  2. This was really sweet. I laughed that they didn’t tell Joe until the last minute as he couldn’t have contained himself and would have let the cat out of the bag. Ben’s reaction was priceless.

    • Thanks Questfan. I’m pleased you enjoyed Ben’s reaction. Yep, Joe had to be kept in the dark a long as possible but then he got to be part of the surprise as the messenger.

  3. This gave me a few very pleasant moments in my busy day!! This story is small but mighty, and so heartfelt from all sides. No matter what you write, it always drives the point home and shows just how much you love the whole Cartwright family, and Adam especially. Thank you!!

    • Thanks so much MK for your lovely comments. It pleases me that it brightened your day. Yes I love the family dearly and enjoy it most when one of the special moments comes along.

  4. A sweet story, and you nailed the characters too with the hard working Ben, the Little Joe who was so excited and couldn’t keep a secret, Hoss working to do something special, and the droll Adam. Wonderful Father’s Day tale.

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