My Bonanza Poems (by ViveAdam)


Summary:  I gathered here a few poems that Bonanza inspired to me

Rated: K  WC  1300


Bonanza Poems

Finally, I will have to tell,

Yes, I’ll have to give an answer

And thus passing a rough exam,

Who is the one I do prefer

Is it this great actor, Pernell

Or more the character, Adam ?



When you look like casting a spell

And when your eyes flash with anger

While your words hammer like a drum

Do I watch your outburst, Pernell

Or is it your fury, Adam ?



And when you look at a damsel

So tenderly staring at her

That she cannot resist your charm,

Who is in love, is it Pernell

Or Ponderosa’s prince, Adam?



And speaking of your smile as well,

This crooked grin on the corner

Of your lips, while crossing your arms,

You say “peasants”, you are Pernell

But also the impish Adam



Riding, shooting, flying from jail,

The actor serves the character

Giving him flesh, giving him frame

What did you keep for you, Pernell

That could not claim handsome Adam ?



In my poor brain, like jingle bells

Two names are sounding. Whatever

Petty people did write, I am

Sure that I admire you, Pernell

But you’re the one I love, Adam

Chapter 2:

“Journey remembered” inspired me this poem

Western wind, adventure’s wind, blows into my head

It told me, young fellow Ben, go ahead

Go boldly to wilderness, where the giant tree

Taming sky and sun and stars, grow free


Western wind filling my heart, took out my reason

Commanded to leave my house with my son

And to cross America, just to build my home

A shelter for baby and his mom


Western wind making me mad, though I was so wise

In my ear whispered : your life has no price

Retiring as a sailor, become a strider

Find your place and become a rancher


Western wind is hurricane, it blew me away,

But I know that it will fall on the day

When we will have reached the land, under the sunshine

Designed land to be that land of mine


Chapter 3:

That’s the comic kind

How could you believe

When you’re a Cartwright

Dating a young miss

That you want to kiss

On the point to give

This so wanted kiss

Instead you receive

A bump in the night

What, little brother,

Being a Cartwright

What did you answer ?

Did you knock him right

The troublemaker ?

Did you have a fight ?

Yes I did brother

And gave the bumper

A bump in the night

After, I suppose,

Little Joe Cartwright

That the girl went close

To you, the brave knight

Defending her cause

She came on purpose,

Lips like a fresh rose

To get, deep or light,

A kiss in the night

Then you’re mistaking

Even a Cartwright

Who should be a king

Isn’t always bright.

She preferred the bad

Boy ! Isn’t that sad ?

T’was so heartbreaking

I took from her sight

The poor Joe Cartwright

Chapter 4:

Oh, dear little Joe


We’ll never leave you


Even if Michael is gone


Oh, dear little Joe


We can promise you


You’ll never walk alone


On your side, you’ll find us



Oh, dear little Joe


We’ll love forever


The young man merry and charming


Oh, dear little Joe


We’ll forget never


The boy that makes dreaming

So many among us

Chapter 5:

Three years old Elisabeth Cartwright, Adam and Sylvie Cartwright’s beloved daughter, definitely couldn’t resign to going to bed. Sylvie had tried everything, gentleness, sternness, threats, promises, nothing could decide the child to stay in bed.


Sylvie was on the verge of flying off the handle when, at last, her husband came back home.


“What’s happening ?”, he asked his over-excited wife.


“It’s Elisabeth. It’s half past nine and she still doesn’t sleep”


“Pa, oh Pa, you weren’t there, I hadn’t my song.”


Adam frowned : “What is this, Elisabeth? Why are you disobeying your mother? Do you think you’re pleasing me doing so?”


The little girl immediately, burst in tears.


“Want my song, can’t sleep without my song.”


“But I sung you several songs!” Sylvie argued.


“That’s not the good one.”


Adam looked at his wife, over the child’s head: “No time for severity”, he said in French, “I think I’ll take her to her bed and find out about this famous song.


Sylvie didn’t want anything else than to get rid off her daughter for the rest of the night. She nodded in agreement and let Adam lift the girl and walk upstairs.


Once in Elisabeth’s bedroom and after laying her on her bed, Adam went to pick up his guitar and asked his daughter: “Now, what song do you want?”


“Little ho’se.”


“This one? But you always cry when I sing it.”


“Little ho’se, little ho’se”, she repeated.


“But you’ll not cry?”


“No, Pa, no Pa, please sing little ho’se.”


Adam sighed, took his guitar and started :


“T’was a little horse in the bad weather


How brave it was!


Horse as white as a swan feather


All of them behind, little horse in front


All of them behind, little horse in front




There was never fine weather, always wrong


In that landscape so sad


When the little horse was hobbling along


All of them behind, little horse in front


All of them behind, little horse in front




But under the rain, still it was happy


When hitched up it was


Folks ready for a ride in the buggy


All of them behind, little horse in front


All of them behind, little horse in front




The buggy on the long road rolled and chased


Its lovely wild tail


That was the way and the time it was pleased


All of them behind, little horse in front


All of them behind, little horse in front




But on one day the weather was threatening


This day so well it behaved


My horse died under a flash of lightning


All of them behind, little horse in front


All of them behind, little horse in front




It died without ever seeing spring


How brave it was


It died without seeing sun shining


All of them behind, little horse in front


All of them behind, little horse in front”


While he was strumming the last bars away on his guitar, Adam stared at his daughter. She was shutting her eyes, her cheeks wet with tears. A few seconds after, she was full asleep.


Adam went downstairs, chuckling and found a calmed down Sylvie waiting for him.


“It’s amazing!”, he said, “seems that she likes to cry. Can you explain that?”


Sylvie smiled back at him: “Oh, very well, when I was a child, I liked to be scared and I liked to be moved.”


“And now you’re grown up?”


Sylvie came next to her husband: “I like to be cuddled and kissed.”

Chapter 6:

Behold them, riding cheerfully

Them, handsome and merry young men

No fence, no gate, they run freely

Three guys just dropped in their Eden.

Just stare, my friend and say nothing !

To the wind and the burning sun

Carelessly their face offering

They go laughing and having fun

Fearing no beast, afraid of none

Just happy in the wilderness,

With their brothers, never alone

Forgetting worries and sadness

And us, poor girls, at them staring

Making the travel in our mind

Back in time, with them riding

The lost Paradise there we find

Chapter 7:

Adam, Adam, Adam, the name in my heart sings


Brilliant, the man so called, handsome and brave also


Clear and bright are his eyes, his kindness revealing


Deep is the voice I am never tired of hearing


Adam, Adam Cartwright, Adam I love you so


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