Children are a Gift From God (by Alley May)


Summary:  “A poem Ben would dedicate to his sons.”  

Rated: K (407 words)

Children are a Gift From God

Author’s Notes:  “A theme scripture from the Bible “Psalms 127:3-5”


My first wife was beautiful; although she and I had to part far too soon. “But she did not leave me alone for she gave me a son who has grown beautiful in his own way too. He’s helpful charming and smart and his presence is a reminder every day, that my dear Elizabeth shall never leave my heart for her smile hopes and dreams yes even her very essence of joy and life will never fade away . “Of all the gifts I ever received; he is one to cherish always forever indeed.”

My second wife was loving and peaceful; filling my heart with so much joy.  When my heart was yet again torn after her untimely death, it soon became impossible not to smile when I now had this marvelous baby boy. “At first I felt something missing like truly a piece of my soul, but my boy grew and grew, matching his size to his heart; and all the comfort he gave me at once made my heart feel whole. It can be said that my dear Inger new before she died of one last task, a precious son to resemble her loving warmth is more then I could even imagine to ask. “Of all the gifts I ever received, he is one to cherish always forever indeed.”

My third wife still leaves fresh memories of her smile and laugh; she was the type of wife any man would wish to have. She had so much fun in life and made sure I stopped to enjoy mine.  I miss her dearly but who couldn’t be happy with those three boys “who actually belong to me” yet make me grin in disbelief every time! Now my dear Marie made sure of something else, to keep us all busy for years to come with that mischievous Joseph himself.

“Of all the gifts I ever received, God gave me three fine gifts indeed!”

End Notes:  “This is the first time I’ve ever written something public so please give lots of feedback and reviews.” I hope you liked it!

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