School in a Hundred Years (by DanceDiva)


Summary:  A new teacher is in for Ms. Jones and he is strict. Wanting to make a good impression Joe tries to think of what it may be like in school a hundred years from now.

Rated: K+ (650)

School in a Hundred Years 

Joe Cartwright sat at his desk while his brain slowly processed what he may write for the latest writing prompt given. Although the subject of the prompt was not a hard one, he wanted to receive a good grade and make a desirable impression on the new teacher, Mr. Beers.

Mr. Beers was a man in his late forties. His air was just graying at the roots, wrinkles were already creased into his face, and his voice had an English ring to it as he spoke. Ms. Jones had left her teaching for the next few months to go back east and care for her sick aunt. So, here he stood at his desk with the ruler ready to strike a palm if necessary.

“Mr. Cartwright,” the teacher called out in the silence of the room. “Why aren’t you working?”

Joe stuttered unsure what to say at first, but quickly gathered himself up. “I’m thinking, sir.”

“Well I must say it is good to think, but if you are not to start writing soon you will be held in class for dinner. Now, I expect at least a paragraph on your paper by then.”

“Yes sir,” Joe replied quickly getting to work.

Joe looked at his paper, and read what he had written so far.


School In A Hundred Years

By Joe Cartwright


          Little Joe suddenly thought of a conversation his father and brothers once had when he was younger.


“Pa?” Hoss looked up, his face mystified at the object in front of him.


“Yes son?”


“How does the thing work? How come it isn’t outside?” Hoss asked eagerly.


Ben laughed at the eleven year old boy who was staring into the washroom of the hotel. The thing that was fascinating to each of his sons was a toilet bowl, which was possibly one of the greatest inventions they had ever seen.


“I’m not sure, son.”


“Can we have one in our house? We wouldn’t have to use the outhouse if we did!”


          “I don’t think so, but perhaps one day. Right now we- Joseph get back over here!”


          Little Joe ran to the inside outhouse, and pulled on the plug it had attached to it. As he tugged water came splashing down onto his head and dripped into the bowl.


Joe grinned to himself remembering that moment when he was much younger. They still never had gotten one; they still used the outhouse and chamber pots.


Little Joe’s mind had sparked with ideas, and he began writing words down onto his paper like a dog with rabies.


School In A Hundred Years

By Joe Cartwright

School in my opinion will be much more advanced then it is today. I don’t think there would be just one outhouse. I think there will toilet bowls like they have in the city in every classroom. There would be enough books so everybody would not have to share, and enough slates to go around. I believe that boys would still have to do chores though. The boys will still have to cut and carry in wood for the fire to heat the room, but maybe the girls would be taking over carrying in the water buckets. I assume they will have the same grades, but maybe they will cut it down a few grade levels.

Happy with what he had so far, Joe stopped to read what he had written. But a loud thud of a ruler led him to a standstill.

“Students please drop your pencils, and bring your papers to the front.” Mr. Beers said properly and clearly.


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