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February 19, 2014 | Comments Off on Bonanza Brand Library User’s Guide – Author

New authors are welcome to post stories in the Library; however, they must read and abide by the Library Rules. (Located under Library Help on the right hand side of screen.)

If you have any questions concerning ‘how to’ in the Library, please contact the Bonanza Brand Librarians: Cheaux, jfclover, BluewindFarm

  • Questions from MAC users, contact jfclover.
  • Questions from PC users, contact Cheaux or BluewindFarm.

By sending a PM via:


By email via:

Publishing a Story in the Library

Creating “Read More ->” Link

Choosing Categories


Selecting Featured Image

Editing Story

Adding Media to Library

Linking Stories in Library

Managing Comments left for Stories

Please note the following modification, effective November 21, 2015, to the Guidelines for posting in the Library:

The front page of the library showcases the newest stories written by our authors.  With the increasing popularity of the writing challenges, the Librarians want to ensure each author has an equal opportunity to have their stories remain on the front page of the Library for as long as possible.

Currently, authors are allowed to post one story weekly and that will not change.

The an additional proviso is that each author will be allowed two stories on the front page at any given time.  When an author posts a story, the Librarians will determine if a third story now exists, and if so, the oldest story will be backdated so it no longer resides on the front page.  Remember, readers have multiple options to access stories; by scrolling backwards into the library (bottom left hand of screen) or via the Stories by Author and Stories by Title pages in the green bar above, as well as the additional links listed.

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