Library Guide – Authors

To visit our Library click on FanFiction in the Navigation (green) bar. Or save to your favorites.

Please note, that even though the Library and the Forums share the same home page, they require separate registrations to fully participate.


Due to the policy change at with Photobucket related to posting images to third party sites, Brand has been forced to remove the User’s Guide from the Library.  However, information is available in the  Visit us in the Virginia City Literary Society section, Fan Fiction Library News.


New authors are welcome to post stories in the Library; however, they must read and abide by the Library Guidelines.

If you have any questions concerning ‘how to’ in the Library, please contact the Bonanza Brand Librarians:

  • Questions from MAC users, contact jfclover.
  • Questions from PC users, contact Cheaux or BluewindFarm.


updated:  9.20.2017