Holiday Collection – April Fools’ Day

Any day may be proclaimed a holiday where our authors are concerned; and just what have they dreamed up for our ‘boys’ this time?

Not all of these stories were written with April Fools’ Day in mind, but that doesn’t stop them from being included as part of this collection.

Click on the title to reach the story.

April Fools’ Day (aka All Fools’ Day)

A Dark Night’s Tale by the Tahoe Ladies

A Misconstrued Statement by Bluewind Farm

And So the Sad Tale Begins by JoanS

Does Clemmie Get Her Man? by Krystyna

Fools Rush In by Donna

He Had a Bad Day by Freyakendra

It’s a Serious Business Being Funny by The Giggly Sisters

Let’s Try That Again by Puchi Ann

Physics 101 by Tahoe Ladies

Rumor Has It by Bluewind Farm

Smelling a Rat by Heike

The Indignity of it All by Terina

Topsy Turvy by DebbieB & JennieA

Topsy Turvy by JennieA & DebbieB

Think about it, when one of our boys had a bad day, was it really their fault?  Might it just have been a prank gone wrong?