Celebration of Victor Sen Yung as Hop Sing

Victor Sen Yung

October 18, 1915 – November 1, 1980

The stories contained within this index feature Victor Sen Yung (aka Hop Sing) and were written by various authors. 

If it wasn’t for Hop Sing taking care of everything and everyone within the house… our boys would never of had the time to get into all the trouble, mischief, adventure, love, heartache… He alone prepared for the arrival of the doctor after the boys had been shot, knifed, beaten, thrown from a horse, left for dead… Prepared for the lavish parties… as well as the everyday cooking, cleaning, threatening to go back to China…  And unfortunately there were times he wasn’t home due to helping all those cousins…

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A Family Affair by Southplains

A Story of a Gentle Man by Krystyna*

Chinarosa by Sibylle

DAH-GAY: A Fable Told by Hop Sing by JoaniePaiute

Dragon Dance by LissaB

Forbidden by The Tahoe Ladies

His Place by DJK

Housekeeping by Dbird

Out of Boredom Comes Fishing by BluewindFarm

QiXi: The Seventh Night of the Seventh Moon by FreyaKendra

The Greatest Gift by Cheaux

The Fire Inside by Freyakendra

Traces of Sand by DJK

*added 2017

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