Celebration of Michael Landon as Joseph Francis Cartwright

Celebrating Michael Landon as Joseph Francis Cartwright

October 31, 1936 – July 1, 1991


The stories linked below celebrate Michael Landon as Little Joe Cartwright.  These stories reflect the true character of the man he was and maybe even explore an unfortunate close brush with death.  All are works inspired by the love of the respective authors for this character.

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A Birthday Gone Wrong by Rose Cartwright

A Birthday Surprise by Territel

A Lost Bonanza by BnzaGal

A Birthday Wish by Pony

A Circle of Family:  The Book of Joseph by Miss Judy

August Moon by Rider

Dancing with Angels by Inca

Dying Well by DBird

Fathers, Sons, and Growing Up by PJB

For the Soul is Dead that Slumbers by Freyakendra

Forever Friends by Terri

Gone by BnzaGal

Gunplay by DebPet

Heroes by Southplains

Last Chance by Cheaux

Lies by A-P**

Looking Death in the Face by Terri

Love’s Labor by Patina

Michael Landon aka Little Joe Cartwright by DebbieB

Never Forgotten by BluewindFarm

One Hour by JoeC

One Special Night by Bluewindfarm

Our Little Joe by BnzaGal

Passages by DBird

Practice Makes Perfect by Patina

Renewal by DebbieB

The Greatest Love of All by Terri

The Man by pbeaking

The Murder of Joe Cartwright by Karen

The Naming by Southplains

The Silent Land by Inca

While Holding a Colicky Baby at Night by DBird


Please note, this listing is not meant to be all inclusive of the stories surrounding any character located within the Library.  To find those stories, click on the link to the character name listed in the Tags section of the front page.

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