Celebration of Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright

Celebrating Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright

February 12, 1915 – September 11, 1987

The following stories were written by various authors to celebrate the life of Lorne Greene through his character of Ben Cartwright.  These stories reflect the true character of the man he was and maybe even explore an unfortunate close brush with death.  All are works inspired by the love of the respective authors for this character.

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A Letter from Hoss by DebbieB

An Offering of Comfort by BluewindFarm

Ballad of Ben Cartwright by Ansinico

Ben and Adam on the Road by Sibylle

Ben Cartwright – R.I.P by Krystyna

Ben’s Birthday by VickieB*

Ben’s Journal: The Hard Trail West by ACSPeej

Between Life and Death by PKMoonshine

Bubbles in Honey by the Tahoe Ladies

Circle of Family: The Book of Benjamin by Miss Judy

Enthralled by Belle

Final Advice by Slaine 89

Forever Ben by Deansgirl

Happy Birthday, Pa! by DebbieB

In Absentia by Belle

Memories by Sibylle

Much Too Soon by BluewindFarm

My Father’s Heartbeat by Cheaux

One Hell of a Trip by JoanS

RIP Mr. Cartwright by Mumu74

Stubborn by Sibylle

The Dash by Dogwood

The Forgotten Son by KateP

The Interview by Slaine89

The Morning After by the Tahoe Ladies

The Telegram by BluewindFarm

To Every Purpose by Claire

*added 2017

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