Holiday Collection – Halloween

Listed below are Halloween and/or supernatural-themed stories written by our authors.

Click on a title to open the story.

A Howl in the Night by AnnieKCowgirl*

A Night on His Own by Frasgirl

Adam’s Last Days by BettyHT**

All Hallow’s Eve by Ljlover2001

And Hell Rode with Him by EPM

Bedeviled by Freyakendra

Bloodlines by AC1830*

Brothers, Above All by Freyakendra

Campfire Legends by HelenA

Confessions by Bahj

Dead Men Tell No Tales (by AC1830)**

Fool’s Gold by Patina

For the Soul is Dead that Slumbers by Freyakendra

From Ghoulies and Ghosties by Rona

Ghost Hunters by deansgirl

Ghost Town by the Tahoe Ladies

Ghost Wagons by GinnyF

Halloween Campfire Stories by BettyHT

Hallow’s Eve by DebbieB & JennieA

Hallow’s Eve by JennieA & DebbieB

Haunted by Freyakendra

Hellbent by Wrangler

Hollow by Freyakendra

Howling at the Moon by PBeaking

Ladykiller by SassyBrass

Land Sharks and More by BettyHT

Le Collier d’Or by KateP

Little Girl in Pink by Sibylle

Man with My Face by JennyG

More Than a Friend by Dodo

Night Music by DJK**

Ole Daniel by DJK**

On this Night by Bahj

Our Little Town by PSW*

Payback by Storm

Poltergeist by pkmoonshine

Poltergeist II by pkmoonshine

Purgatory by Freyakendra

Sanctuary by HelenA

Shadows by Freyakendra

Snake in the Grass by Patina*

Spirit Canyon by Belle

Spirits of the Dead by JennyG

Terror Stalks the Night by Patina

The Dead of Night by PSW**

The Devil’s Angel by Ansinico

The Girl with the Red Hair by Inca

The Girl in the Blue Dress by debpet

The Honey Tomb by Bahj

The House on Kay Street by Bonanzaluver

The Journey by Dodo

The Scarecrow by pbeaking

The Sisters of No Mercy by Ansinico

The Stronger Bond by Bahj

There are More Things by KateP

Things that Go Bump in the Night by Cheaux

Ties that Bind #8 – When Worlds Collide by JC*

Trick or Treat by the Giggly Sisters

When Worlds Collide by JC*

Witch Hunt by Rona

Witches Coven by Rona

Jock by Rona


*added 2017
**added 2018