Episode Inspired Stories – My Brother’s Keeper

What Happened Before, Missing Scenes, What Happened Next, What Happened Instead, and stories that begged to be told that were not included within the series.  Some of these stories were challenge inspired and some, the writers were just never satisfied with what was aired.

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Please be advised that the listing of stories below may contains works which have been assigned and “R” or a “Mature” rating by their respective authors.   Such stories could contain explicit language and/or adult themes; and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.  Please heed our rating guidelines.

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A Howl in the Night by Annie K Cowgirl*

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by the Giggly Sisters

Afterwards by Ginny F

Cold by Dbird

Dreams by Dodo

Ex Corde Caritas (Lover from the Heart) by Rona

Fever Dreams by Dbird

Glory by Southplains

Howl of the Wolf by Southplains

I’ll Protect You by Cwright Girl

Know Your Target by Destiny Adams

My Brother’s Keeper – WHI by Puchi Ann

My Brother’s Keeper by the Tahoe Ladies

Right Where He’s Supposed to Be by Freyakendra

Scars on the Inside by Annie K Cowgirl

The Long Night by AC1830*

To Every Purpose by Claire

Waiting on the Wolf by Dbird

Staying for Supper

What if He Never Forgives Me by Bonanzaluver



*added 2017