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Round-Robin Challenges, co-written by multiple authors:

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Dying Alone (by VCLS)

Summary:  Adam and Joe struggle to avoid the unthinkable . . . dying alone! Rated :   T WC 8800

Out There (by VCLS)

Summary: Betrayal, wounded pride, and jealousy result in one hot tempered brother missing, one having nightmares, one logical brother searching … all is not as you might think.
Rating: T (8,600 words)

The Black Wreath (by VCLS)

Summary: Joe returns to the Ponderosa after a short trip only to find no one home and a black wreath on the door. What could have happened? Read on.
Rated: T WC 11,300

The Destruction of Joe Cartwright (by VCLS)

Summary: An unspeakable tragedy threatens to break apart the close-knit Cartwright family.
Rated: T WC 14,500

The Little Bit Challenge, submitted my multiple Forum members:

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Little Bit Challenge (by Various members)

The Little Bit Challenge encouraged members in the Brand Forums to write a ‘Little Bit’ for every Bonanza episode (all 431, if possible).  Members could submit as many Bits for as many episodes as they were inspired to write.  Multiple members could submit Little Bits for the same episode.  Did we mention the writers were limited to either 100 or 200 words, exactly?
Rating:  K



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