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Adam & Sam #1 – Adam’s Journey of Memories (by acspeej)

Summary:  After being thrown by a wild mustang, Adam suffers total amnesia. A specialist from San Francisco is summoned – and the specialist turns out to be a sassy, out-spoken but empathetic young woman. As she and Adam spend time together, watch as the two hard-heads become emotionally involved.
Rating: T (20,060 words)

Adam & Sam #2 – Adam’s Surprise Visitor (by acspeej)

Summary:  This is a sequel to “Adam’s Journey of Memories.” Sam returns to Virginia City to help Doc Martin and also to try to rekindle the romance with Adam. But Adam is involved with another woman. Sam’s life is in danger, but who is the culprit?
Rating: T (53,215 words)

Adam & Sam #3 – Adam’s Angels (by acspeej)

Summary:  This sequel to “Adam’s Surprise Visitor” deals with Adam and Sam’s marriage and with living on Adam’s ranch – “The Pines.” Everything is perfect with the new couple. But there is a plot to destroy this relationship, and Sam finds her very life in peril once again.
Rating: T (34,455 words)

Adam and Sam #4 – Bringing Up Babies (by acspeej)

Summary:  A number of years have passed and we now find Sam and Adam with two small children. Sam and Adam learn that little children have thoughts of their own and don’t bother to keep their knowledge to themselves.
Rating: K+ (12,695 words)

Amber (by acspeej)

Summary:  This is a romance/mystery story featuring Hoss Cartwright. Watch for the twists and turns in this one!
Rating: K+ (85,490 words)

Ben’s Journal – The Hard Trail West (by acspeej)

Summary:  This story is a blend of fiction and historical fact. Ben keeps a journal of his wagon train trip to the West with Inger and Adam at his side.
Rating: K+ (5,190 words)

Choices (by acspeej)

Summary:  Adam falls in love with an intelligent but sassy woman. Will he be able to face her ultimate challenge?
Rated K+ (21,070 word)

Our Favorite Story (by acspeej)

Summary: A storm is raging outside, and the children are fearful because their father is very late getting home. They ask the woman to read their favorite story – it distracts and soothes them. It’s a very romantic story.
Rated K (3,875 words)


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