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A Second Chance At Love
(by Adam’s Lover)
Summary: After the break up with long time girlfriend, Lisa, Adam heads out to the cattleman’s convention at Dallas, Texas where he meets a spicy Dallas Assistant District Attorney, Jennifer Devereux. The two have an instant connection and fall in love, but not without drama and intrigue throughout and of course there is Lisa, the ex-girlfriend that wants Adam back.
WC 92,500  Rating:  MA (Sexual situations as well as mild violence).
Weekend Dad #1
(by Adam’s Lover)
Summary: A modern day Adam Cartwright story, but all of the Cartwrights are also included throughout.
Rating: MA (93,000 words)
Weekend Dad #2 – Seasons Of Change
(by Adam’s Lover)
Summary:  Seasons of Change is a continuation story from Weekend Dad, a modern day Bonanza story featuring Adam.  The story begins ten years after the end of Weekend Dad, and Jason is getting ready to head to college.  The story will continue the four years Jason is in college until he graduates.
PG-13:  Very mild language and implied sexual situations  (201,225 words)
Weekend Dad #3 – When They Were Young
(by Adam’s lover)
Summary:  This story is a modern day story with Adam as the featured character and is a prequel to “Weekend Dad.”
PG-13:  Very mild language and implied sexual situations  (113,407 words)

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