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Sam Series #1 – The Sister #1
(by Adamsgirl26)
Summary:  The Cartwright’s have a sister. What do they do when someone kidnaps her? *1st in the Sam series*
Rated: K+ (3,315 words)
Sam Series #2 – Hoss and Sam
(by Adamsgirl26)
Summary:  The second in the “Sam” series. Eight year old Sam helps Hoss when they lose their horses. Will Ben and the boys find them in time?
Rated: K+ (2,130 words)
Sam Series #3 – Ben and Sam #3
(by Adamsgirl26)
Summary:  Ben and Sam help a out a friend. What happens when something tragic happens? *third in the “Sam” series.*
Rated: K+ (2,655 words)
Sam Series #4 – One Determined Cartwright
(by Adamsgirl26)
Summary:  Sam gets hurt in a prank gone wrong. Can Little Joe help her heal?
Rated: K+ Fourth in the Sam Series (3,645 words)


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