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Children are a Gift From God
(by Alley May)
Summary“A poem Ben would dedicate to his sons.”
Rated: K (407 words)
Just One More Cookie
(by Alley May)
Summary: “Little Joe loves to eat cookies, but how far will he go to get them?”
Rated: K (1,480 words)
Just the Two of Them
(by Alley May)
Summary:  When little Joe and Marie are home alone for the day, little Joe helps her realize one very important fact.
Rated: K (1,930 words)
Less Than Blood Brothers
(by Alley May)
Summary:  The Cartwright’s take in one of Joe’s school friends.
Rated: K (15,530 words)
Monsters and Maps
(by Alley May)
Summary:  A young little Joe struggles to sleep as he fears there may be monsters around. Will Ben and the family be able to help him get past his fears?
Rated: K (1,930 words)


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