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Bonds of
(by alyssajoy64)
Summary:  Adam will do whatever it takes to get his brother back – but will it be enough?
Rated:  T  WC 13,700
Lucky #1
(by alyssajoy64)
Summary:  The one who steals the heart of Adam Cartwright is a lucky girl indeed. You do not need to have read “The Luckiest”, this story stands by itself.
Rated: K+  WC 1600
Lucky #2 – The Luckiest
(by alyssajoy64)
Summary:  A grieving Adam finds comfort from an unexpected source.  A companion to Lucky.
Rated: K+  2500
When Darkness Falls
(by alyssajoy64)
Summary:  A stranger stumbles onto the Ponderosa, bringing changes, healing, heartache, and a secret past that will haunt them all. This story, in a very roundabout way, is a WHN for the “The Crucible”.
Rated: K WC 15,700


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