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Cabin Fever (by Barbara)
Summary:  The Cartwright’s creativity shines when they find themselves stuck at home.
Rated :   T (3,085 words)

Fade to Black (by Barbara)

Summary:  Adam has found a new past-time.  Will there be consequences for his actions?
Rating:  K+ (8,500 words)

Adam in Wonderland (by Barbara)

Summary:  Anxious to return home, Adam takes a detour that leaves the family to fear the worst.
Rating:  K (3,820 words)

Adam’s Rib (by Barbara)

Summary:  Will love ring true for Adam’s secret admirer?
Rating: K (8,550 words)

Faith (by Barbara)

Summary:  Adam finally meets his wife to be, but before the wedding a tragedy occurs that almost tears the Cartwrights apart for good.
Rated: T (5,885 words)

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (by Barbara)

Summary:  Breaking into one’s own home is sometimes inevitable, but the consequences are more than Adam bargained for.
Rating:  K  (2,370 words)

In the Pines (by Barbara)

Summary:   Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence?   It all depends on one’s perspective.
Rating:  K+  (4,440 words)

One Bad Day (by Barbara)

Summary:  When it rains it pours for Adam who experiences a run of bad luck
Rated: T (6,100 words)

Pride and Promises (by Barbara)

Summary: With an increase the boys’ workload; will it be smooth sailing or will this be the straw to break the camel’s back?
Rating:  K+ (6,800 words)

Puzzled (by Barbara)

Summary:  A quiet evening at home with Ben and the boys results in a scolding for Joe, frustration for Adam, aggravation for Ben and satisfaction for Hoss.
Rated: T (2,160 words)

Restitution (by Barbara)

Summary:  Tragedy during a camping trip affects two families; why does Hoss feel he has to make restitution?
Rating:  K  (7,400 words)

Searching for Joseph (by Barbara)

Summary:  After a horrible accident, Joe is riddled with guilt and questions his brother’s love for him.
Rated: T (5,065 words)

Survival (by Barbara)

Summary: Adam learns the hard way to stay on the beaten path when he is the unfortunate victim of foolish child’s play.
Rated: T (6,650 words)

The Letters (by Barbara)

Summary:  Ever since Adam left the Ponderosa, he and Ben have corresponded.  The last communication brought the eldest son home.  Could his return truly be the end of an era?
Rating:  K  (6,060 words)

The Price (by Barbara)

Summary:  What is the price for standing up for your convictions?
Rating:  T  (6,880 words)

The Rewards of Kindness (by Barbara)

Summary:  Adam’s been kidnapped; is it up to him to rescue himself?
Rating:  T  (8,840 words)

The Spell (by Barbara)

Summary:  Adam gets more than he bargained for when an ominous hunch comes true.
Rated: T (8,070 words)

The Storm (by Barbara)

Summary:  After yet another ado between Adam and Joe over the Civil War a young woman arrives in town to add fuel to the fire between the brothers. Adam decides to take desperate measures to solve the ongoing troubles.
Rated: T (8,650 words)

Wildfire (by Barbara)

Summary:  Adam fights wildfire in more ways than one when he has a chance encounter with an Indian boy while riding home through the desert
Rated: T (9,060 words)


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