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Adam and Ruth – #1 – The Beginning
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary:  This is the first story in what will be my “Adam and Ruth”series based on the episodes “The Savage” and “Truckee Strip”. Some time after they are separated by the Shoshones, Adam decides to go after Ruth and bring her home. What happens next will be the beginning of the long road of their love. Meanwhile, Joe and Amy are fighting for a happy ending of their own. Enjoy! Comments welcome and appreciated!
Rated: K+ (13,290 words)
Adam and Ruth – #2 – The Darker Side of the Moon
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary:  After a month of courting, Adam decides to take that pivotal step which leads them on a new adventure resulting in the wedding of the year taking place on the Ponderosa.
Rated: K+ (20,445 words)
Adam and Ruth – #3 – In a Time of Miracles
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary:  Adam and Ruth have enjoyed almost a full year of marriage but something seems to be missing and the other ‘ladies’ of Virginia City don’t seem to want to leave her alone about it. Meanwhile in an effort to make a little extra money for the couple, Adam takes a risky job unaware of who is really running it.
Rated: K+ (14,980 words)
Ghost of Cartwrights Past
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary:  Ben Cartwright forgets the true meaning of Christmas to the dismay of his sons but gets it back with some unexpected help in this Bonanza twist of a classic tale. You may recognize what tale I’m talking about once you read it! 😉 Enjoy and please leave comments! Merry Christmas!
Rated: K+ (3,570 words)
Revenge is Bitter
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary: A WHN to “Vengeance”. Red Twilight awaits trial for nearly killing Hoss when the judge that is supposed to come to Virginia City is delayed. Will Joe be able to control his hatred for the man who almost took the life of his brother?
Rated: K+ (5,210 words)
The House on Kay Street
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary:  Adam and Joe are asked to fix up an old house for a friend of Ben’s who is about to move in to it. What they find is that there is someone or something opposed to their doing so. A little Halloween story narrated by Joe that I made last year.
Rated: K+ (3,200 words)
The Wizard of the Ponderosa
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary:  Ben and the boys have the yearly duty of going to the orphan house and reading to the children every Christmas season. This year when Ben doesn’t know what to read, he is given some inspiration by his sons. Enjoy!
Rated: K+ (1,830 words)
What If He Never Forgives Me?
(by Bonanzaluver)
Summary:  a WHN to “My Brother’s Keeper”. Adam suffers the guilt of accidentally shooting Joe even after Joe recovers. Can Joe forgive Adam and will things ever be the same between them?
Rated: K+ (3,255 words)


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