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A Question of Guilt (by Camera Chic)

Summary:  After an accident, Little Joe is saved by an outlaw…and then held captive by him and his gang. Joe has to decide whether to turn him in, or trust him to do the right thing…
Rating:  PG-13 (14, 440 words)

A Warm Place in Your Heart (by Camera Chic)

Summary: The family starts to heal after the loss of Marie, as Adam strives to be strong for his family.
Rating: G (1,310 words)

At the Hands of Strangers #1 (by Camera Chic)

Summary:  A prequel. A revengeful hired hand kidnaps Little Joe, who discovers a new friend in an unlikely place.
Rating:  K+ (13,805)

At the Hands of Strangers #2 – Friends and Strangers (by Camera Chic)

Summary:  Little Joe decides to find an old friend of Ben’s, and along the way learns about growing up and responsibility. This story is a sequel to “At the Hands of Strangers”, but it stands alone.
Rating:  PG-13 for mild language, strong language, violence (28,670 words)

Belonging (by Camera Chic)

Summary:  It’s 1859, and Joe has received a letter that sends him on a journey to discover where he truly belongs.
Rating:  T (9,750 words)

Childless Horror (by Camera Chic)

Summary:  A prequel. Little Joe has been kidnapped by a mean man and his ill wife. As he tries to deal with captivity, Adam, newly home from college, searches for his little brother whom he hasn’t seen since before he left for college.
Rated :   T (25,335)

That Which Makes a Better Man (by Camera Chic)

Summary: After Ben and Adam arrive back at the Ponderosa to find Joe beaten, starved and almost dead, tied in his room, the Cartwrights search for the answer to the question, “Why?”
Rating: PG-13 for violence  (21, 030 words)

The Grandest of Homecomings (by Camera Chic)

Summary: A prequel. Little Joe has been excitedly awaiting the arrival home of Adam from college, but he hasn’t considered how different things will be now.
Rated: K+ (5,690 words

The Hostage (by Camera Chic)

Summary: Just a very short story about what one brother would do for the other one.
Rating:  PG for violence (1,650 words)

The Intruders (by Camera Chic)

Summary: While Ben is away on a trip, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe are taken hostage at the ranch.
Rating: PG for violence  (4,710 words)

To Survive (by Camera Chic)

Summary: A trip to California turns into a nightmare for the Cartwrights when Little Joe is kidnapped and held for ransom.
Rating: Strong PG-13 for violence & physical abuse  (31, 320)

updated:  2.28.2017

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