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Jenny and David Series #1 – Love is Blind (by Cinderella)

Summary:  Jennifer Cartwright, Ben’s adopted daughter, is a rough-ridin’ tomboyish kind of girl, that is, until Pa sends her to check up on David Williams, who had been blinded a few months earlier. Romance, Drama, and Goodbyes all rolled into one.
CAUTION: Introduces two non-canon characters!
Rated: K+ (5,600 words)

Jenny and David Series #2 – Love Me Tender (by Cinderella)

Summary:  Jenny gets her first teaching job, and she and David build a house. Short but sweet–more of a happy story, doesn’t really have any action. All reviews are very appreciated!! Sequel to Love is Blind
Rated: K+ (6,050 words)

Jenny and David Series #3 – Bleeding Love (by Cinderella)

Summary:  David has come home and everything seems to be going well…that is, until Jenny is kidnapped! Can the Cartwrights find her before something horrible happens? Part 3 in the ‘Jenny & David’.
Rated: K+ (8,320 words)

Kittens in the Hayloft (by Cinderella)

Summary: Joe finds a litter of kittens who, unbeknownst to them, help him understand Marie’s death.
Rated: K+ (1,120 words)

The Paiute Pony (by Cinderella)

Summary: A short story of how Cochise and a new friend came to Joe.
Rated:  K+ (1,190 words)

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