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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (by Claire)

Summary:  Someone is watching Joe from the shadows… someone who loves him and who can never let him go. Because love lasts forever.
Rated :   K+ (3,220 words)

Epiphany (by Claire)

Summary: Tensions are high when Adam and Joe set off on an important journey together, but events allow them to reach a true understanding of one another.
Rated: K+ (5,720 words)

Follow the Stars (by Claire)

Summary: Sometimes, the members of a family can surprise one another.
Rated: K (12,125 words)

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (by Claire)

Summary: An interlude by Lake Tahoe.
Rated: K (670 words)

Life is Sweet (by Claire)

Summary: It was just a simple trip… before it all started to go wrong. All Adam and Joe had to do was escort Abigail Jones home to Virginia City. And then disaster struck. Life is never simple, but it can be very sweet.
Rated: K+ (11,345 words)

Love Will Tear Us Apart (by Claire)

Summary: After an accident, Adam and Joe have some important lessons to learn.
Rated: K+ (11,370 words)

My Son, My Son (by Claire)

Summary: Late at night, Ben reflects on what is really important in life.
Rated: K (3,345 words)

Reflections (by Claire)

Summary: A WHN to The Stillness Within. Adam returns home after learning of Joe’s accident and subsequent blindness.
Rated: K (4,790 words)

Relative Values (by Claire)

Summary:  A comedy of manners. Cousin Clarissa’s visits to the Ponderosa were never without incident.
Rated: K+ (5,317 words)

Relatively Festive (by Claire)

Summary: There is nothing quite like a family Christmas.
Rated: K+ (5,775 words)

Relatively Peaceful (by Claire)

Summary:  When Cousin Clarissa returns, she encounters an unexpected adversary.
Rated: K+ (4,505 words)

Star Of The Sea (by Claire)

Summary: Adam and Joe embark upon a perilous sea voyage
Rated: T (17,200 words)

Tempt Not The Stars (by Claire)

Summary: Troubled by ill-health, Ben travels to Sacramento, little realising that Joe is about to embark upon the most important journey of his life.
Rated: K (13,040 words)

That Shrinking Feeling (by Claire)

Summary: Adam and Hoss play an elaborate practical joke on Joe that has unforeseen consequences.
Rated: T (9,745 words)

The Beltane Fires (by Claire)

Summary: After a fight with Adam, things start to go very wrong for Joe.
Rated: T (9,750 words)

The Earth Will Hold Us (by Claire)

Summary:   A story in five parts, exploring the ties of love and loyalty between the Cartwrights.
Rated: T (48,580 words)

The Land Dispute (by Claire)

Summary: A visit from old friends is disrupted by a boundary dispute which nearly leads to tragedy.
Rated: T (15,480 words)

The World Is The Totality Of Facts (by claire)

Summary: Unpleasant news affects Adam profoundly and Joe must battle to help his brother find new meaning in life.
Rated: K (8,250 words)

To Every Purpose (by Claire)

Summary: It takes great love and great courage to let someone go. Variable winds of change affects everyone on the Ponderosa.
Rated: T (8,380 words)

When Will I See You Again? (by Claire)

Summary:  Secrets from the past are revealed and cast new light on all the Cartwrights and cause them to re-evaluate their relationships with one another. But some secrets should remain hidden…
Rated: T (16,70 words)

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