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A Father’s Prayer (by debpet)

Summary:  Adam confronts Ben over his intention to go off to war.
Rating:  G (975 words)

A Gem Without a Price (by debpet)

Summary:  Virginia City’s new jewelry store is robbed and a valuable hostage is taken.
Rating:  K+   WC 3000

By the Fire’s Light (by debpet)

Summary:  Adam’s pursuit of a wanted man becomes personal when he discovers that his brother has been put in danger.
Rating:  K+   WC 5300

Cartwright vs. Cartwright (by debpet)

Summary:  One of Ben Cartwright’s sons is suing another!
Rated :   K   WC   2600

Encounter with the Past (by debpet)

Summary: An unexpected encounter brings up painful memories for Adam and leads to danger for him and for Joe.
Rated: K+  WC  6600

First Kiss (by debpet)

Summary:  Joe has found the girl he wants to share his first REAL kiss with! But someone is watching!
Rated: K+  WC 1700

Gunplay (by debpet)

Summary: What starts out as a happy birthday turns traumatic for Joe.
Rated: K+  WC 2200

Into the Line of Fire #1 (by debpet)

Summary:  A single gunshot has devastating consequences for the Cartwrights.
Rated: K+  WC  2700

Into the Line of Fire #2 – A Single Shot (by debpet)

Summary:  A single shot has devastating consequences for the Cartwrights.  This is an expanded version of my story “Into The Line Of Fire”.
Rated: MA  WC 8200

Murder in Brosnan Flats (by debpet)

Summary:  When Adam is falsely accused of murder, a formidable team unites to discover the truth.
Rated: K+  WC 20,700

Not Such a Stranger (by debpet)

Summary:  A stranger arrives in town and his surprising connection to one of the Cartwrights’ closest friends leads to complications for all involved.
Rated: K+ WC 14,000

Out of the Shadows (by debpet)

Summary:  An empty warehouse, a mysterious but vaguely familiar stranger and a blue shirt. Will these things add up to tragedy for Ben Cartwright’s oldest son?
Rated: K+  WC 10,000

San Francisco Lady (by debpet)

Summary:  Adam finds himself becoming interested in the daughter of a business acquaintance.
Rated: K+ WC 10,200

Tara (by debpet)

Summary:  A former girlfriend of Joe’s seeks his help in dealing with a crisis.
Rated: K+ WC 3700

The Cry of the Dove (by debpet)

Summary:  Adam encounters Regina Darien again. Will fate allow them to stay together this time? Or will tragedy overtake them?
Rated: K+  WC 16,000

The Girl in the Blue Dress (by debpet)

Summary:  Joe’s encounter with an attractive young lady takes a turn into the unexpected.  Something for the Halloween season.
Rated: K+   WC 1100

The Hat in the Water (by debpet)

Summary:  Joe and Hoss spot something floating in a pond, and the implications are devastating
Rated: K+  WC  2500

The Moneylender (by debpet)

Summary:  When Joe makes an unwise gambling wager he faces the prospect of forfeiting something neither he nor the family can afford to lose. Can his brother Adam, with a little inspiration from Shakespeare, save the day?
Rated: K+ WC 13,000

The Night After “Death at Dawn” (by debpet)

Summary: A brief WHN for the episode ‘Death at Dawn”
Rated: K+   WC 1600

The Sniper and the Healer (by debpet)

Summary:  Two brothers disagree over a life and death decision. And that’s just the start of a story that includes a mysterious shooter, a remarkable Indian healer…and even a little romance for Pa!
Rated: K+   WC 19,000

The Tin Cup (by debpet)

Summary:  What is the story behind Adam’s attachment to one particular old possession of his?
Rated: K  WC 2250

Three Christmas Cards (by debpet)

Summary:  Three brief holiday stories I hope you’ll enjoy!
Rated: K+   WC 3900

Thrown to the Winds (by debpet)

Summary:  Is life handing Ben Cartwright an unexpected chance at a new love?  Or merely to relive a long lost one?  And to grasp it will he throw away one of his greatest treasures…his beloved oldest son?
Rated: K  WC  31,000

To Set It Right (by debpet)

Summary:  Feeling responsible for devastating injuries suffered by Adam, Joe wants nothing more than to go back and change what happened…to set it right.  But even if he should miraculously be given that chance, can he make it count?
Rated: T  WC  9300

Wandering Stars (by debpet)

Summary:  Adam’s friend, the actor Edwin Booth, visits the Ponderosa seeking escape from scandal, and his visit provides a catalyst for Adam to make a decision about his own future.
Rated: K+   WC 16,000

What Ben Saw out the Window (by debpet)

Summary:  What is it that Ben has spied out the window?   And what are the Cartwrights going to do with it?
Rated: K+ WC 2000


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