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A Brother’s Code (by Devonshire)

Summary:  A WHN and WHI for ‘The Code’, where both Hoss and Joe struggle with the outcome.
Rating: K (4,120 words)

Mutual Trust (by Devonshire)

Summary: An afternoon swim takes an unexpected turn, and Joe is forced to test his survival instincts.
Rated K+ (9,995 words)

Trapped in Remorse (by Devonshire)

Summary: A WHN scene for the episode The Trap. Booth is encouraged by Ben to visit Joe, who is still recovering from the gunfight.
Rated K+ (3,065 words)

What Nobody Saw (by Devonshire)

Summary: After a tragic accident Joe struggles with guilt and rejection. When his life is threatened and in despair he seeks refuge with a kindred spirit.
Rated K+ (9,960 words)


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